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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


CUCM 6.1(5)

Has anyone tried to upgrade the RAM on 7825-H3 server to 8GB while running CUCM 6.1(5)?

It boots fine with 4GB but I get a hardware error when I try booting with 8GB.  Is there a trick to using both the A and B memory banks?  The BIOS recognizes the 8GB just fine, just CUCM doesn't like it.

Cisco Employee

CUCM 6.1(5)


Is the RAM being added compliant with the following specs.

PC2-5300 667-MHz DDR2 synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM)

Also, what is the exact error that comes up , can you share a screenshot please.



CUCM 6.1(5)


In addition to what Manish has said, can u share the output of commands from OS Administration of server?

show memory count

show memory size

show memory modules

Did u purchase these memory modules from Cisco[     MEM-7825-H3-2GB] or from HP directly with above specification?

Since u have 4 banks on motherboard  and two are already occupied by 2GB module each, there won't be any option left to place the extra modules.



CUCM 6.1(5)

If the BIOS recognizes the memory without issue I seriously doubt CUCM is complaining the type of RAM installed. Far more likely is that the 8GB causes the server to fail hardware validation. This is a whitelist of hardware combinations that corrospond to known MCS servers and was one of the ways Cisco enforced support: the product checked to make sure it was running on exact hardware combinations that Cisco tested. If not, it refused to install and in - if memory serves - boot.

Without the exact error output we're both guessing though; tb6854 needs to be more specific than "hardware error".

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CUCM 6.1(5)

I'm thinking as well that it is failing during hardware validation.  I initially installed 4 2GB modules, all of them the same, from Cisco (MEM-7825-H3-2GB).  The server wouldn't complete it's boot until I removed two of them.  The error that came up was very generic.  It just said that the hardware installed was not compliant with this CUCM suite.

I'm also thinking that after upgrading to version 9.1 I should be able to add the additional memory back in without any issue.  Agree?

CUCM 6.1(5)

For the 7825 even the current builds only require 4GB; however, the restrictions have eased. I would recommend sticking to what the docs state unless your database is very complex or TFTP/locales unusually high and legit. needs aditional memory for memcache. Either way, you would put the memory in when it reboots to the new partition.

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