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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


CUCM 7.1.5 Restore Error

            I am trying to do a restore on my publisher after doing a fresh install with brand new drives.  This is the error I'm getting.

Log File: 2012-06-10-12-28-27_r_CallManager_ccm_ccmdb.log=====================================================
Server : CallManager
Feature : CCM
Component : CCMDB
Time Completed: 2012-06-10-12-51-23
Result Code : 1
Result String : ERROR
CCMDB ready to restore
06/10/12 12:47:49 - command to execute /bin/chmod 777 /common/drf/restore.log
06/10/12 12:47:49 - Starting a DRF Restore.
06/10/12 12:47:49 - "Stopping CAR services prior to initiating DB restore"
06/10/12 12:47:49 - command to execute python /usr/local/cm/drf/cdrrep/ - >> /common/drf/restore.log
CM CAR - Services Stop Script
OS platform is: linux2
Linux platform........
CDRREP: Invoking CAR services stop script
CDRREP: Checking CAR services status, please wait ...
CDRREP: CAR db manual purge or reload is not running. Continue with backup/restore
CDRREP: No need to stop Cisco CAR Scheduler as it is already stopped
CDRREP: Cisco CAR Scheduler was not running by default. exit 11
06/10/12 12:47:53 - Restoring the tarball -
06/10/12 12:47:53 - command to execute sudo /bin/tar -xvpPf -
06/10/12 12:51:22 - Restoration of the tarball - is done.
06/10/12 12:51:23 - "Nodes in cluster:" 1
06/10/12 12:51:23 - command to execute /bin/chmod 777 /common/drf/db_drf_backup
06/10/12 12:51:23 - Call to /bin/chmod 777 /common/drf/db_drf_backup failed with error code 1

----> BEGIN Standard Output

----> END Standard Output

----> BEGIN Standard Error
/bin/chmod: cannot access `/common/drf/db_drf_backup': No such file or directory

----> END Standard Error

Any ideas?  I understand it's telling me the /common/drf/db_drf_backup file is there but why?  It is a fresh install.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Re:CUCM 7.1.5 Restore Error

Whats is the sftp client you are using ,also during restore ensure that you have the same ip address hostname dns if you are using any from the backup config.

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Re:CUCM 7.1.5 Restore Error

It is Free SFTP, I was able to resolve the problem.  It was a MTU issue on the network causing multiple reconnects and eventually failure.  Thanks.

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