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CUCM 7.X : Code yellow error


I am having Publishre & subscriber running with version 7.X, but subscriber gives out an error of "Code Yellow" and suddenly logged out IP phones start ringing. Followinng are logs. Need help.

there are 1 CodeYellowEntry alarm(s) and 0 CodeYellowExit alarm(s) received.
  On {Date & Time}, the last CodeYellowEntry alarm generated:
AverageDelay : 679
EntryLatency : 20
ExitLatency : 8
SampleSize : 10
TotalCodeYellowEntry : 7
HighPriorityQueueDepth : 0

Cisco Employee

Hi Roger,

CCM/SDI and SDL trace files record call throttling  events and can provide useful information. Also, you generally will  require performance monitoring data for debugging. The Cisco CallManager  System Performance object (viewable in the Real-Time Monitoring Tool)  includes a counter called ThrottlingSampleActivity, which indicates  whether Cisco Unified CallManager has calculated a non-zero value for  latency and helps you understand how busy the system is. Frequent  non-zero values in this counter could indicate a potential overload  condition on the system. To try to circumvent the possibility of a Code  Yellow event, consider the possible causes of a system overload, such as  heavy call activity, low CPU availability to Cisco Unified CallManager,  routing loops, disk I/O limitations, disk fragmentation or other such  events, and begin to investigate those possibilities.

Basically CUCM detailed SDI / SDL traces , RIS DC perfmon logs are needed covering at least 10 minutes before the code yellow is generated leading upto the code yellow.

Additional CLI inputs may be needed as well to check CPU / memory usage pattern.

Common issues as explained above could be routing loops, mwi sync , CDR load or DRS backup in some cases. You need traces to confirm the above.




Hi Manish,

Thank you for the detailed information.

I have gone through the logs of RTMT and found following errors.

Dec 23 09:12:49, XXXXX, Notice,  Director Agent, : LSIESG_AlertIndication 500605B001EFB0A0 Battery relearn will start in 5 hours Sev: 2., 20281.

Dec 23 15:10:21, XXXXX, Notice,  Director Agent, : LSIESG_AlertIndication 500605B001EFB0A0 Battery relearn completed Sev: 2., 20296

Dec 23 17:37:47, XXXXX, Critical,  Director Agent, : LSIESG_AlertIndication 500605B001EFB0A0 Battery has failed and cannot support data retention. Please replace the battery Sev: 7., 20304


Also Output of "show hardware" displays"Battery Replacement required : Yes"

Battery Back Up Information:


BBU status for Adapter: 0

BatteryType: iBBU

Voltage: 4024 mV

Current: 0 mA

Temperature: 26 C

BBU Firmware Status:

  Charging Status              : None

  Voltage                      : OK

  Temperature                  : OK

  Learn Cycle Requested        : No

  Learn Cycle Active           : No

  Learn Cycle Status           : OK

  Learn Cycle Timeout          : No

  I2c Errors Detected          : No

  Battery Pack Missing         : No

  Battery Replacement required : Yes

  Remaining Capacity Low       : No

  Periodic Learn Required      : No

Can you please help here too. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Roger,

The battery issue needs to be investigated by the appropriate team ( TAC or IBM/HP ) for replacement. However, i don't think that the code yellow alert is related to it. It could be due to one of the possible reasons mentioned in my initial response.



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