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CUCM 8.5 / UnityConnection 8.5 User Sync After Disaster Recovery

Ok, this one is going to get a little complicated, and I hope there is an easy answer:

Hurricane Sandy drowned a customers datacenter with 6' of brackish swamp-water.  ALthough a good portion of their servers were saved, 75% of the phone system was destroyed, including both the Pub and Sub servers (CUCM, UCXN, CUP, UCCX). We have a good backup of the CUCM server, which was restored to both Pub and Sub yesterday.  Phones (that survived) re-registered, and calls began to flow.

Today I was to setup the Unity Connection - which we DON'T have a good back up of.  I have configured some basic settings, got the phonesystem integration up and running, etc.  When I go to Sync the users, I can only see the few test users we created new yesterday.  All of the previous users in the CM are configured correctly, but they won't sync.  If I use the "EDIT CISCO UNITY USERS" dropdown, the link points me to a dead server. 

1) Obviously somewhere in the CM DB there is a pointer that links this user to a specific server.  Is there a way to break this link? 

2) is there anything I can do to get the users in CM to forget they were ever connected to a VM Server? 

3) Will this method cause me pain when I go to build the CUP and UCCX servers as well? 

Basically, how can I clean the CM user database to remove any memory of any previously configured servers / equipment and start again?

Thanks in advance.



CUCM 8.5 / UnityConnection 8.5 User Sync After Disaster Recovery


Export users from cucm to csv after the restore

bulk delete users from cucm

recreate a BAT

reimport users with appropriate user to ext mapping

reimport users into UCXN once phone associations, primary ext, ext are correct.

That is all.

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