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CUCM and TelePresence Server Licensing

Hi every buddy

I tried to understand new licensing concepts for both CUCM 10.x / 11.x and SMP/PMP instead of screen licences.

here is my questions:

1. if i buy flowing SKU, how many device (IP Phone) i can register in the CUCM ? we can add devices unassociated to any user profile right ? my concern is maximum devices i can add in CUCM with "CUWL-11X-K9", please lmk if it should be 1:1 between number of IP Phons and number of this lic.

"CUWL-11X-K9" ---> New Cisco UWL Professional Edition 11.x User, 1 user

2. I'm going to order "TP-SMP-K9" for Video Conferencing and  also going to order 20x "DX-70" and 4x "MX-800". is there any reason to put "LIC-TP-SMP-EP" in my order for those MX-800s ?


Cisco Employee

Hi Manwe,

For the second query you can check the following post, halfway through the post you will see discussion about the exact query you have:

Question >> Customer bought 4 Cisco MX300 G2 units from a different vendor/partner. No SMP or TP room license ordered from within the unit's SKU. (Likely because they were not aware of the licensing model change)

 Can I use 4 CUWL Pro licenses to register and use these MX300's on UCM 10? or will I absolutely need the LIC-TP-SMP-EP  license which includes the TP room license. Just trying to understand the point of SMP when there is no TP server/conductor deployed to leverage multiparty video.

I cant order the TP room license individually anymore as it is dependent on the SMP license, and the SMP in turn is dependent on the MX300 unit itself. Assuming we order SMP someway a'la carte and TP room license is included with it, will that just give us point to point video or is there a inbuilt bridge on MX300's which allows 4 party video conference?

Answer  >>  Room units need TP licenses. CUWL PRO does not include TP room licenses. You can just buy TP room license ala-carte, you don't need to buy PRO. You do not need SMP license if you only want P2P calling.  Under R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9 you should see TP room license

For the first query i would suggest checking the following



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