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CUCM Cloned sub DB status

Quick Question,

I have a situation where as a standard practice i normally take a clone of any sub before moving the VM to new HW. This time machine was moved but did not come up due to some routing issue. 

I had to turn on the clone and stable the setup while leaving the moved machine in OFF state. 

Question:- Since the DB is replicating both ways from given SUB to all other Members of cluster and there is constant MACD changes happening. Is it a good idea to turn OFF the cloned machine & turn ON the moved machine at targeted location once the routing issues are resolved, or i should redo the move. What will be DB status once the machine on Target HW will be turned up and temp clone will be turned off. 
will the DB counters in PUB and other subs will have the same counters and will assume that switched off machine is already synced? 

Want to know how the DB in shut down sub will sync up? as in cluster the same node (same name & IP ) clone is supposed to be in synced state.




Re: CUCM Cloned sub DB status

I haven't done this in practical, but best case scenario will be that the cloned sub will sync with pub when it is powered on, and worst case scenario is the cloned sub will have DB replication issues.


I think the most safest way is to take another clone of the running sub and then make it active on another hardware, while turning off the current sub.


Re: CUCM Cloned sub DB status

Given best and worse case outcome of scenarios are understood and so is the best option to complete the move. 

My question is how does the DB sync works and how much will it be confused once the same ID cluster member will start claiming it has less information but the cluster, in its records will have full sync already done. 


Re: CUCM Cloned sub DB status

Precisely that's why I mentioned that the cloned server may have DB replication issues and you may end up repairing your DB replication, which I believe is more cumbersome than taking a clone , moving it to new system and powering it on.


I will leave your question open about how DB sync works to be answered by more knowledgeable members of the community.

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