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cucm-cube issue


Guys i have CUCM cluster on 2 sites. publisher and 2 sub on site X and 2 sub on site z. CUCM connected to CUBE @ site X through SIP trunk. issue is when i use ip-phone @ site Z to make a call that goes through CUBE call fail. i used to re-register this extension @ site X so it works (note that all phones on site X works normally). recently without any changes that work around also fails. when i debug on cube i see no sip invites at all coming from subscriber extension registered with  when i debug on CUCM i see error 503 service unavailable. also i did packet sniffer ip-phones sends invite to cucm however cucm doesn't send anything to cube. when i change gateway in route-pattern and return it back and make a call this call goes through and ring on my mobile once and drop when i try again it returns back to service unavail. and fast busy on the phone.


At first glance it seems like this will be a media issue.  Can you clarify the following to help us better help you?


"i used to re-register this extension @ site X so it works"

What were you doing to force the registration to site X? Changing the device pool only?


"when i change gateway in route-pattern and return it back"
what exactly were you changing here?? just toggling to a random GW/Route List and then toggling it back?


On SIP trunk itself,, do you have "Media Termination Point Required" checked????

1st question yes i change dp only.
2nd yes toggling to random GW and then return back
3rd MTP not checked

Let's also check Device Pools and CUCM Groups.....


Are the Device Pools that the phones and trunks are members of "pointed" to the same CUCM subscribers? This is done via CUCM groups in their Device Pools. 


Also, on the Route List you are using,,,, it will be pointed directly to a CUCM Group,,,, ensure that this CUCM group has the same CUCM subscribers as the phones and Trunks themselves. 


On the CUBE, are the dial-peers set up to accept calls from the CUCM subscribers in the CUCM group?

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