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CUCM Custom Alert For When a Phone Is Unplugged

Hello All,

I'm using System version:  We have a problem around here where people unplug conference phones (Cisco 8831s) and move them or just leave them unplugged because they needed the Ethernet port the phone was plugged in to.  What I'd like to be able to do, is set up a custom RTMT alert that will alert me any time a certain model of phone is unplugged/unregistered from the network, so I can go to it and see why it was unplugged/moved etc.  It would be nice if the alert contained the phone MAC address and Description.


From what I understand, and I may be off on the wrong foot, is that I need to crate a new category tab in RTMT.  Go to Performance -> Performance, and drag the Performance Items over to my new tab, and then I can right click its graph and select "Set Alert/Properties" and customize the alerts.  But, there are a million items in the Perforance column, and I don't even know what to choose to be able to monitor a specific type of phone in our environment.


Any ideas?


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Re: CUCM Custom Alert For When a Phone Is Unplugged


And I'd suggest port security on those ports so that only the MAC from the phone is accepted if no one is supposed to be using the port



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Re: CUCM Custom Alert For When a Phone Is Unplugged

This Wiki is offline for that link. Do you happen to know where I can still get a copy of that document?


Re: CUCM Custom Alert For When a Phone Is Unplugged


Not sure where you will be able to find that document, but in RTMT go to alert central >>> highlight any alert you want to be notified on >>> right click and select set alert/properties and it will walk you through it. There are tabs at the top and there are numerous alerts available to configure alerts for. You can also go to the performance page, set up whichever graph you want, highlight it, right click and set up alerts and criteria for those as well. 


Re: CUCM Custom Alert For When a Phone Is Unplugged


You can ask your developer team to create SQL and integrate that SQL with CUCM and you can track Phone status on GUI page and they can also trigger this alert via Email .


You can Purchase any alert monitoring tool which is available like Solarwinds .
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