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CUCM system administration roles DEFINITION

Is there a document describing what access control groups can do or direction on what roles the access control groups should be used for in CUCM system administration 10.5 similar to how the roles are setup in CUC 10.5, ie: HelpDesk?



Audio Text Administrator               Administers call handlers, directory handlers and interview handlers

Audit Administrator                         Administers application and database auditing

Greeting Administrator                   Manages call handler recorded greetings via TUI

Help Desk Administrator                Resets user passwords and unlocks user accounts, views user settings

Mailbox Access                                Delegate Account Access to All Messages via Messaging APIs

Remote Administrator                    Administers the database using remote management tools

System Administrator                      Top-level Connection administrator - access to all Connection administrative functions, reports, and tools for server and users

Technician                                         Access to functions that enable management of system and phone system integration settings, viewing of all system and user settings, run all reports and diagnostic tools

Tenant Administrator                      Tenant Administrator - access tenant specific attributes

User Administrator                          Administers users - access to all user administration functions and user administration tools.


Admin-3rd Party API Role 
 Application Client Users Role 
 Standard Audit Users Role 
 Standard CAR Admin Users Role     -
 Standard CCM Admin Users Role 
 Standard CCM End Users Role 
 Standard CCM Gateway Administration Role 
 Standard CCM Phone Administration Role 
 Standard CCM Read Only Role 
 Standard CCM Server Maintenance Role 
 Standard CCM Server Monitoring Role 
 Standard CCM Super Users Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Call Monitoring Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Call Recording Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Calling Number Modification Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode Role 
 Standard CTI Allow Reception of SRTP Key Material Role 
 Standard CTI Enabled Role 
 Standard CTI Secure Connection Role 
 Standard Confidential Access Level Users Role 
 Standard EM Authentication Proxy Rights Role 
 Standard Packet Sniffer Users Role 
 Standard RealtimeAndTraceCollection Role 
 Standard TabSync User Role 
 Third Party Application Users Role 



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