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CUCM Upgrade Version to

Dear All,

I am looking for some advice and assistance.

A few weeks ago we received our CUCM 7.0.2 DVD discs from Cisco. We are currently running version

Anyway, after some initial research it was decided by my company that I perform the upgrade last week. Although I felt that I needed a bit more time to research this more fully we carried out a successful disaster recovery procedure on the publisher and commenced with the upgrade.

During the upgrade I followed all the guidelines on the Cisco site for software upgrade

And everything initially seemed okay when we switched to the new version. The phones received a firmware upgrade and all phones seemed to be communicating okay. However, it wasn't long before we realised that things weren't quite right.

First of all we found that all the phones were registered to the subscriber which hadn't been upgraded yet. We then found that all communications with our remote sites had went down. As such I had to spend a day changing dial-peers on our remote sites to the ip address of our subscriber so that communications could be resumed.

At this stage we have the publisher running version 7.0.2 with all phones in “unknown status” and the subscriber running 6.1.1 with all the phones now registered to this instead. I am unsure what I can do to rectify the problem and at a loss to explain why the problem occurred in the first place. For example, when I was doing the upgrade in the first instance should I have upgraded the publisher and the subscriber at the same time then switched versions at the same time. I tried upgrading the publisher, switched versions, then upgraded the subscriber but when I tried to switch versions it wouldn't and that's when we started having problems.

At this point I am unsure how to progress - do I revert the publisher back to the previous version or should I stick with version 7 and try to get the subscriber to the same version. Has anyone came across anything similar or help me in anyway. I really need to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help.


Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Re: CUCM Upgrade Version to

OK, you wrote above the instructions of what you should have done, but i believe that's not how you did it, right?:

"when I was doing the upgrade in the first instance should I have upgraded the publisher and the subscriber at the same time then switched versions at the same time"

That is EXACTLY what you should have done, you install the patch/upgrade in ALL servers, then start switching partitions.

Right now if you want to upgrade the cluster to 7 you need to switch the PUB back to previous version and then install the upgrade on the SUB. Once you've done that, switch partitions on PUB and give it a few minutes to start all services, then switch partition on SUB and they will reconnect and restart the replication.

The other way is to simply reinstall the SUB directly with 7 if you have fresh install media.

Right now the errors you're receiving are expected, you're running different versions on each server, the SUB right now is also locked down as there is no PUB so you won't be able to change anything in the config.



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if this helps, please rate

Re: CUCM Upgrade Version to


Thanks for your help. When I carried out the upgrade I upgraded the publisher and switched the version. I then upgraded the subscriber and switched the version but this failed. All phones in the office registered to subscriber and all remote locations that had a dial-peer pointing to the subscriber couldnt make any calls. I had to change these to point to the subscriber and telephony service was resumed until I resolved this issue.

Anyway, I resolved the issue yesterday - it turns out all I had to do was insert the license file - I hadnt seen that i needed to log into Cisco and enter the product key to get the updated licence file. When I uploaded the license my Publisher became functional, my subscriber rebooted and both are now at version 7.

From reading your comment it looks as though I did the upgrade wrong but things have luckily worked out okay.

Although your input wasnt needed - thanks for your comment anyway - it will come in useful for future upgrades.

Thanks again,


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