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CUE 8.x, transfer-system full-consult dss, and Outside Caller ID

Dunno if I'm missing something here or if it's just a big ol bug.

I currently have my system set up like this

Call comes into the CUE

Call is answered by a human operator

Call is transferred either by phone or by UCC Operator to the target extension

Call appears on target extension as the transfering extension, not the caller ID of the person calling

User picks up phone and BAM, caller ID (Sometimes correct, sometimes not)

IF the AA Picks up,

Call is transferred to the extension with either the hunt group assigned appearing on the target extension or if it's a direct transfer, the correct caller ID.

Is there a way besides using transfer-system full-blind to make the Outside Caller's caller ID appear the minute it's transferred?

If there isn't, what is the downside (if any) to using transfer-system full-blind?

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CUE 8.x, transfer-system full-consult dss, and Outside Caller ID

Hi Nick,

This appears to be working as designed

A Consult transfer is like a 2-stage transfer;

stage 1 is the call from the operator to the user thus the CLID shows

the operator number

stage 2 is after the operator has notified the user of the impending

transfer and hits transfer a second time to complete the loop, it's at

this point the outside callers CLID shows on the IP phone.

Many people prefer the blind transfer as a way to speed up the whole process

the only real downside is that the operator loses control of the call and cannot notify

the user of the impending transfer. For some companies, this may be a deal breaker

as you lose some of the human touch, for others it's no big deal.




Re: CUE 8.x, transfer-system full-consult dss, and Outside Calle

Thanks Rob.  (Sorry to get back to you so late)

The full blind works and the correct CID shows.

HOWEVER when it hits the phone after the transfer AND the user picks it up, it shows the CID name of the caller, but the number of the line it came in on.  Any ideas on that one?

And to give you a 50K foot view of my architecture

I have a 2900/K9 for the switch

UCC Server and Operator

99.9999999999% of the calls answered by humans are transferred via the UCC Operator.

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