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CUMC client not displaying presence status

Hi folks,

I have the following setup in a lab environment:

1. CUCM 7.1.3

2. CUPS 7.0

3. Unity 7.0.2 in a UM off-box mailstore deployment

4. CUMA 7.0.6

5. Clients - CIPC7, CUPC7 & Nokia S60 running on CUMC 7.0.3

Since it is in a lab environment, an ASA was not used. CUMC clients would communicate with CUMA via a wireless connection. What I have installed on the client side are CIPC, CUPC and CUMC - which all this 3 components are tied to a user.

Issues pertaining CUMC as of the following:

1. CUCM is reporting CUMC client as not registered

2. CUMC clients is not showing any presence status

3. Call logs reported on CUMC is not consistent. Some entries are missing

4. In CUPS user page option > Privacy, I could see the option for privacy settings for CUPC and CIPC. When I select CUCM, there is no device available.

Odd thing is,

1. Visual voicemail works. I can listen, delete and do wonders with voice messages via CUMC

2. In CUPS's presence viewer, I could see all 3 devices presence status (CUPC, CIPC and CUMC). To verify the consistency of this, I changed the status on CUPC and all 3 devices reports the exact same status on page refresh

3. Seems that CUMA is receiving the correct presence status from CUPC & CUPS. Over in CUMA > User Maintenance, when I change the presence status of a user via CUPC, that user's availability in CUMA reports the same status

4. Not sure if this is relevant or not, configuration of Mobile Connect via CUMC's Device Configuration Mobile Identity works.


1. Can someone shed some light to address those issues highlighted above?

2. In CUCM Admin > System > Application Server, is it mandatory to add a CUMA server?

3. With default CUMC & CUCM security configurations, there are no device security profile options available to CUMC devices. Does it make any difference if I create a non-secure CUMA Security Profile?

My apologies for the long post, am hoping the community here could help before I lose all my hair.



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