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CUPC 7, Windows 7, and Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.6

Hi everyone,

I'm posting here because I've completely run out of options and am hoping someone here has encountered this issue before and can help me.

I have a few older computers (3 yrs and older) that we use in our company that have gotten upgraded to Windows 7. Windows 7 actually runs very well on these computers despite their age, drivers for Vista load fine, no issues. CUPC 7, which technically isn't supported on Windows 7 as far as I know, also runs well, even with office 2007 installed.

The problem comes when I install Symantec Endpoint Protection. Now, before I get flamed, I understand this is a Cisco support forum, not a Symantec forum. However, I'm posting here in case someone knows of a way to get this to work based on past experience. As soon as I instal SEP, the client's connection to our Presence server dies, presumably blocked by Symantec's (god awful) firewall. In other words, I'll have CUPC running, but as soon as SEP installs itself, the connection to the Presence server disconnnects and won't reconnect until I completely remove SEP.

Disabling SEP makes no difference. Uninstalling the firewall portion of SEP also makes no difference. Removing and preventing SEP from running at startup also makes no difference. I have spent literally hours on the phone with Symantec regarding this issue for several months now, to no avail. They can't figure it out. Since this only happens on older computers (I have newer PC's that run all 3 of these programs without incident), the best they have been able to suggest is to install the latest drivers for the network cards, and you guessed it, that didn't work either.

Regrettably I don't control the purse strings so newer pc's aren't really an option at this point. So I can either a) stop using SEP, which would be violating our corporate policy, b) stop CUPC, ditto on the corporate policy, c) downgrade to Windows XP (I refuse to use Vista).

Is this as weird an error as it sounds? Is there a newer version of CUPC that might solve my issue? Has anyone else seen this? Google searches have proven fruitless so far so I'm hoping someone out there knows how to approach this a different way.

Thanks so much!



Couple of things maybe you could check on:

  • In the CUPC7 release notes, a list of all the network ports that CUPC uses is listed.  Perhaps you could take a look at that and see if the Symantec tool would allow you to allow access to those ports.  We've seen that in troubleshooting presence issues in the past
  • Not sure which CUP server you're running, but if it's 8.0, you could try CUPC8 to see if it has the same issues.

Good luck,


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