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CUPC 8.0.x User features

I've starting a Presence project for one customer. After a first survey it seams that CUPC 8.0 have the possibility to:

1 - Setup a Webex ad-hoc online meeting directly from the CUPC interface ?

2 - Import personnal contact directly from Outlook, as the MOC ?

Did someone already test this tow points ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: CUPC 8.0.x User features

1. CUPC 8 can start webex ad-hoc meeting only if the webex is on-premises (doesn't work on cloud).

2. Not sure what do you mean by "import".  CUPC can do "click-to-call" from Outlook.  But it cannot "import" users from Outlook.



Re: CUPC 8.0.x User features

Hello Michael

Thanks for this fast answer.

For the first, I'm bit surprise, because when you are using Webex productivity tool, a Plug-In is installed on all MS Office application include MOC, it means you can start an ad-hoc webconference from any of this application, as I understood, it's not possible the the CUPC except if you have webex onsite (you means Webex Node for MCS) ? Please can you confirm ?

Regarding my second question, to be more precise:

When you want to add a new "budy/contact" in the MOC, you fill in the name in the "search" and MOC make a lookup either in the Corporate Directory and in the Private contact, see my the exemple, in the image.

I made a example: I'm looking for Mr. Hauert (I have this contact in my Outlook contact list), when I lunch the search, MOC is searching in the corporate directory AND in my Outlook Private Contact.

What the advantage: You have one data base where you have all your private contact information with all details (Phone Number, Email, Adresses, etc..) and you need only to maintain one DB.

If Personnal Communicator can not do that natively, I think it's a Missing feature, can you confirm ?

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