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Gregory Smith

CUPC 8 + VT Camera III in XP not showing video

We are running Presence 8.0.2 with CUPC  On CUPC fresh installs on Windows XP with the VT Camera III, the Video option is greyed out within CUPC options.  The VT Camera III still shows up in Audio options for microphone.  And the video camera works fine (testing with separate video app)

Users who have been upgraded to CUPC 8 from 7 and had VTCameraIII installed on XP are working fine.


XP + new install of CUPC 8 + new install of VT Camera III = no video calls + video option greyed out

XP + CUVA uninstall + CUPC 8 + pre-existing VT Camera III = working fine. (the CUVA uninstall is required when installing CUPC8)

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong?



We installed the latest VT Advantage driver after installing CUPC 8


Did that work for you?  Do you have the same type of setup?

The VT Camera III doesnt have any special drivers.  However, I attempted your solution and unfortunately it did not resolve the issue.

Thanks for the response.

We installed the Cisco TV Camera Driver along with CUPC 8 to make the video work from our VT Adventage Cameras.  I don't know if we have version III cameras or not.  We have two versions we bought to use with VTA.

The installed Driver in Add/Remove Programs says version 1.0.4.  In Device Maager it says version

Have you confirmed that the OS is seeing the camera in Control Panel | Scanners and Cameras (we are using XP).


The VT Advantage III is an HD camera and uses the Microsoft video driver.

XP sees the camera fine and I can use it in the Control Panel/scanners and cameras and in other applications.

Installing the VT Advantage III with CUVA and then uninstalling CUVA and installing CUPC 8 seems to be the only way to get it to work.

By the way, I have a TAC case open on this as well and will post any results.  If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

Did you ever get a fix for this? I'm running into a similar issue.

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