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CUPC Issues over VPN


Has anyone had any experience with running CUPC over a Cisco VPN tunnel? The voice side of things seems to work fine, but presence and IM are really flaky.

For example, if my status goes idle because of the 5 mins inactivity, when I move my mouse or hit a key, my presence stays as idle, it only changes back if shut the app down and restart it. IM on the other hand just seems to be hit and miss, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

VPN Ver is the latest (

CUP Server is

CUPC ver is 1.2.2

CUCM ver is

All seems to work fine when running within the LAN/WAN environment

Not applicable

Re: CUPC Issues over VPN

If you configure Cisco Unified Personal Communicator to use UDP signaling with the Cisco Unified Presence Server SIP proxy server, reachability information for contacts in the contact list might not be available for large contact lists or when connected through a moderately lossy networks such as VPN over the Internet.


Re: CUPC Issues over VPN

Thanks for the reply. We are using TCP for the Proxy Listener, so unfortunately this doesn't apply.

We have however turned off the SIP inspect feature on our ASA and the whole stability has improved no end. All IMs now seem to work, plus even after leaving idle for hours, presence is updated successfully after moving the mouse.


Re: CUPC Issues over VPN

thanks for your post on inspect sip!

we also hit the problem with CUPC over VPN. although Voice seems to work, presence and IM does not work at all.

we are using Cisco PIX with ASA 7.0 OS. as soon was we turned off sip inspect on pix the presence status started to work!

cheers, oliver


Re: CUPC Issues over VPN

Glad it helped Oliver.


Cisco Employee

Re: CUPC Issues over VPN

This fixed my customer's problem with CUPC over VPN client as well. Thanks!


Re: CUPC Issues over VPN

I'm having the same problem except i'm using the anyconnect/ssl client. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can connect using ipsec to the same asa without an issue, but the ssl is not working.

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