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CUPC v7 Softphone shows as on phone but line still ringing

Hi there,

We have a small issue with Softphones at our remote sites.

We run CUPS and currently have the CUPC 7.0(2.13496) deployed.

At the main site internal and external calls work fine but when we are dialling internal extensions of users in remote sites the call is presented and rings in the headset but after the call is answered the line keeps rining in the headset.  The Presence indicator shows that the user is on the phone,  The user accepting the call hears ringing whilst the person dialing the call hears nothing.

DDI traffic (dialing the external line) works fine and can be traced back through the voice gateway.

I did a trace on the connection and the only thing that came back as suspicious was a STATUS: 489 event package not supported log.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Md Hasan
Cisco Employee


"489 event package not supported" is typically caused by firewall or application inspection on the path. Please note that softphone voice call are from PC to IP Phone or PC to PC. Please check

- call setup phase does go thru callmanager (PC with CUPC softphone --- cucm --- IP Phone on remote site), for details check call manager log in detail level

- if the remote site IP Phone ip (if the called is IP Phone) and the Calling PC's ip can talk to each other (traversed freely through firewall or network)

- "on the phone" under CUPC softphone is just a SIP message from callManager - not related to the issue

- also pleaes check compatibility of cups with other app -

- please make sure windows 7 is not used as it is not a supported platform for cupc 7.x. Unpredictible behavior is expected.

Hope the above helps!



Thanks for the feedback.

I'll give the CUPC app a go on a Windows XP box to see if the same happens.

I think you are on to something with the firewall issue as we have a very secure lockdown on the WAN but have limited access to the routing tables.

I do know we have opened the default ports up for the CUPC software.  However, we had only tested the software on Win7 so will go back and do some digging.

I will also see if a full IP Phone has the same issues down there as at the moment we are only using the soft phones at the remote sites.

Thanks muchly

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