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CUPS 8.6 - Supporting Multiple SIP Domains on a per-user basis

Working on a CUPS 8.6 PoC with a customer who currently is running a deployed OCS environment. 

Users all sign into a single domain internally but have multiple SMTP domains for email as this customer has many different companies they have aquired.

OCS  is able to support and route multiple SIP domains by specifing the SIP address under AD User settings such that two users both signed into the same OCS server can send IM's to each other even though they have different SIP addresses. ,

CUPS on the other hand does not seem to allow this on a per-user basis.  It places every user in the sip domain that the server is a member of.

The Jabber client allows you to specify a domain but I am not how this is used as the actual user account in CUPS is only ever the one domain and if you try and specify a different domain in the Jabber Connection Settings, it will not allow you to login.

It is not a big deal for internal communications if everyone is on the same domain, but where it is important is for future B2B IM.  Users need to be able to give out THEIR IM address with THEIR respective domain.

Does anyone else know for a fact that I will only be able to have one domain per CUP cluster?

Any thoughts on this design?

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CUPS 8.6 - Supporting Multiple SIP Domains on a per-user basis

Not sure on the design perspective but as for CUPS Domain, we can only have single domain per cluster. As you have already found out that for any user licensed for CUPS, their IM address would be userid@CUPSDomain

CUPS does have funtionality of federating with foreign domains such as AOL/GoogleTalk/WebEx Connect.

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