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CUPS Mutli Domain

We are  using CUPS 8.6.2  My firm has asked that i create a new domain due to firm name change, so I created a child domain.

Current root domain and the child is I have migrated my acount from to,

in working with cisco we have addressed all of my issues but this one. I am unable to login  to cups, I was told because

cups for authentication is looking soley at  I was sent this doc and basically

was left to my own devices from cisco which i was not happy with. So I started to do some searching of my own and found this article  I am just trying to get some guidance on this issue than being left to my own devices

and being told call MS tech if I have an issue with this.


This is a rather complicated topic and I may not be able to adiequately cover it here. Also, in their defense, Cico TAC is only a break/fix organization. They're not intended to assist with solutions design; that's what Cisco partners are for.

There are two - three if you add SSO - separate issues at hand here:

  1. Cisco UC Manager is only capable of handling a single DNS namespace. In Microsoft AD this means a single forest. If you want to connect to multiple forests you must use a Microsoft Lightweight Directory (aka ADAM in 2003 parlance). Cisco wants nothing to do with the configuration of LDS, only what it presents to CUCM. You'll want a Microsoft-oriented engineer to assist with this and I suggest doing this in a lab environment first.
  2. Cisco Jabber/IM&P is only capable of having a single presence domain. It's either or, not both. The presence domain defines a user's XMPP/SIP URI. This becomes esspecially important should you want to federate with the outside world. This is entirely separate from the multi-forest problem you appear to have with CUCM.

The real question is why are you creating a new domain instead of just renaming the existing forest?

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