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CUPS - Question about associating users to lines on phones

Hello all,

We are in the process of migrating to an Exchange e-mail environment and at the same time trying to get everything ready for a CUPC deployment. The CUPS server was set up some many months ago, but still has not been put into production so we are finding things that have been missed and need to be cleaned up before deploying to end users.

The main issue I am facing right now is that not all users were associated to line appearances on their phones. I would have to say maybe 35% of them are set up properly and the other 65% are not associated at all. I am looking for a way to export all the line appearances that do not have users associated to them, but so far I have had no luck. The closest I have gotten is going to Bulk Administration>Users>Line Appearance>Export Line Appearance, but this only shows users that are associated, which is not what I need.

Does anyone know of a way to get this in bulk format? Or if there are multiple exports I can compare with to get what I am looking for?

Also side question: Does anyone know what the Owner User ID on the phone itself is needed for. All I find is that it is for CDR records.

Any help is much appreciated!

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CUPS - Question about associating users to lines on phones

The bulk update of line appearances are  looking for the following headers at a minimum.

User ID,Device,Directory Number,Partition

The way i would do it is, use Bulk Admin>Phones>Export Phones>Specific Details of all the phones for which the line appearances needs to be updated and add the User ID field and import it back in. Once you export it out, you will have to do some kind of modification of the data to get it in the right format.

The Owner User ID field is used for Mobility option, this field is used when there is a mobility softkey enabled and this User ID is what controls whose Mobility is turned off and on.

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CUPS - Question about associating users to lines on phones

Thanks for the reply George. I have been out of the office this past week so I haven't been able to go down this route to see if it is what I need. I put together the file format last night and started the export so sometime this week I can try modifying a couple tests imports and see if it get me what I need. I will let you know the outcome.