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CUV Desktop Client


Would appreciate it if someone can advise on the licensing and feature capability of the CUV Desktop client. Thanks.

1. How is the CUV Desktop licensed ? Is it licensed together with number of CUV-MGR license ordered ?

2. Does the CUV client needs register with the CUV Desktop Server in order to work ? Can the CUV clients place P2P calls between each other without go thru the CUV Desktop server / Manager? Can the CUV place P2P calls to other H.323 without going thru the CUV Desktop server / Manager ?

3. When using the CUV client, is there any license count that needs to be taken into consideration, when working with the  CUV Desktop server / Manager ?

Cisco Employee

1. There is no license needed for CUV Desktop client, it can be installed on as many PCs/Mac as you wish to install on

    We do license connection to MCU and so you have to ensure you have enough MCU ports and CUV-Manager licenses

    to access these ports. There is also license for CUV-Desktop server, which comes in bundle for CUV-Manager license

    with no additional cost

2. CUV-Desktop client does not register, it is only used during the live participation in the conference, just like active

    X plug-in for WebEx. It will only be used when in conference, else it will just be sitting as software on your PC.

    Cisco does not offer P2P call with Desktop Client, this feature was removed from our roadmap. If you need

    P2P functionality you have to deploy the CUCM with our software clients (CUPC, CIPC, CSF etc)

3. You need to ensure you have enough ports. Each client will consume one port "connection" on the MCU

     when participating in the conference. In addition to this, there will always be one extra port used by the

     desktop server for each active conference in progress. If you enable recording during the conference, that

      will consume another port on the MCU for the duration of the recording.

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