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DDI and Pilot number configuration

Hi Guys,

i have to configure a CME with 1 Pilot number and 10 DDI number..

is there anyone who can help me or guide me how to configure this.

the requirements are like this..

Calls received on Pilot number to be directed to reception number.

calls coming to DDI number delivered to their appropiate destination.

All outbound calls reflect correct number..

Please guide me how to , and what needs to be configured to achieve this


Re: DDI and Pilot number configuration


Do you have PRI or analog (FXO) lines connected to CCME router?

Pilot # is pointing to Q/AA or what exactly are you referring by saying Pilot# to be directed to Receptionist. Pilot# is generally used to direct calls to AA.

If you want you can email me at and I can assist you in configuration and custom Q scripts.

If you have 1MB lines connected to router you can put "connection plar " under voice port to route the call to that particular phone. If you want correct mask to go out I am assuming not the main site number but individual phone's DID than you can make use of translation rules & profiles.

If PRI is connected to router than use one dial peer to route calls to individual phones with answer address statement.


Re: DDI and Pilot number configuration

hi mate,

this setup is temporary for the customer. they will migrate to full call manager very soon.

they do not have any AA or voice mail facility at this stage. as this setup is for 1 site only.

they have 1 main number which is advertised on their website . this is what we have our Pilot number on BRI lines.

we have 4 bri lines, they share 1 pilot number and on the top of it we have 10 DDI's

Calls coming to Pilot number needs to be diverted on receptionist number.

calls coming on DDI needs to be forwarded to their intended destination..

I hope this makes it more clearer.

let me know if you need some more details.


amit singh


Re: DDI and Pilot number configuration

Are you referring Main Hunt Group # as pilot# ?

How are your DDI# coming, is it over BRI or what?

Email me your router config.

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