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Dependency Records not working for IP Phone Services

While reviewing any IP Phone Services in CUCM, if I select Dependency Records>Go, CUCM Administration always returns 0 results although there are phones subscribed to the service.  Dependency records are enabled and work properly for CCS, partitions, etc. Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:  Services are visable and working on the ip phones.  Can anyone confirm the same issue?  Any suggestions for an alternate query to use to review what services are currently assigned to which phones?


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Perhaps the services are defined as "enterprise services" which means they are used by all phones, and would not show up under dependency records. You cannot really check this from the cofnig, but you can go to one of the phones and see if has the service exclusively subscribed or not, if not yet it still shows up that would indicate enterprise subscription is on.



Nope, the services are not defined as enterprise services.  Part of our solution design was for certains services to be available at one particular location, and other services elsewhere, so we did not define any as enterprise services.  The services also do not show up when they are not explicitly subscribed to the phone, which is expected behavior. 

I can check every phone and see what services are subscribed, no problem.  It would be far more convenient to also have the functionality to check dependencies from the service page itself and see which phones are subscribed.  If I am not mistaken, I used that functionality once when our CUCM cluster was at v8.5.  I am starting to suspect this could be a bug in System version:  Perhaps a future release will resolve it.


Hello, gents.

Any progress here ? I got the same with my CUCM Unrestricted.

I just want to change some data on service but want to know how many phones will be affected! And the easiest way its go to appropriate service and check dependency .....but does not working at CUCM Unrestricted,


Do you know any alternatives ( export or others) ?

Someone suggested to me to use Bulk Administration in CUCM to export all phones, then check the resulting data to find the IP Service associations.  I did get that to work, but it was not possible to check using Dependecy Records to the best of my knowledge.  HTH  TZ

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