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Digital Media Manager-MCS issue

Hi There,

I am writing in regard to set up first time my mcs 7835-H2 MCS. I connected one computer ( with MCS ( Both pinging each other. In the MCS, dns resolvable host name is with DNS server IP As per instructions I enabled the POPup blocker and while trying to connect both via or I see no page found error message. However if I try or I see a blank page with no error messsgae. I tried nslookup under network tools in AAI. I found if is the IP for the DNS Server it doesn't reach to the DNS server. My question is where the web and DNS server located. Shou;dn't it be in the MCS itself?

Since I can't see the MCS web GUI, I can't go further to activate the license. Would you able to help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.


Mohammad Hassan

N.B. I have attched the quick start guide for the DMM appliance.


Hi Mohammad,

Not being an expert on DMM, I think the issue you're having has to do with the way you have configured your DNS server. While installing the DMM, you need three machines:

-a pc/laptop with access to the network (which includes access to the DNS server you'll be using)

-a DNS server in your organization/network (

-the MCS on which you install the DMM.

Now, first thing you need to do is to allocate an IP address that you will configure in the DMM, together with the subnet mask. Once you have that, you need to configure that IP address in the DNS server and map it to a hostname, in your case This is called "an entry" in the DNS server. After that's done, you can go on and start installing the DMM. During that process, you will need to enter the previous data, together with the default gateway for the network. After the installation is complete, make sure you can ping the DMM by its name from the laptop/pc. If you can, that means you have IP connectivity and that the DNS server is responding with the hostname. By then you should be able to see the configuration page on the DMM where  you can go on with the installation.

Hope it helps,



Hi Jose,


Thanks very much for your response.

I used MS Virtual PC, a physical PC and DMM. Now Virtual PC was my DHCP and DNS Server. It gave IP to both my physical client PC and DMM. As I don't have any web server running with the specific parameters for the DMM, I couldn't try to see the DNS Server is running in the Virtual PC browsing

I can sense it's the problem with DNS mapping with DMM web server. I will try your suggestions.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Mohammad Hassan

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