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Disable vm to email for all users

Running 9.1x and want to disable voicemail to email for all users.  What is the easiest way to do that?  


I am not sure how many users you have, but have you tried to do Bulk Edit?

Users > search for users or select 'Find' for all users > select all accounts on page > select 'Bulk Edit' at the bottom of the query list > then the User Basic's page loads > select Edit from the menu > Notification devices > select the email notification > select 'Disable' > Submit


I am not sure if you have tried this, but if you do try it, I suggest trying this on a few profiles first to see if there are any issues.

5xx users.


I tried that, doesn't work.  Not even sure vm to email is under 'notification devices' because all that is disabled already.  I thought about just deleting the Smart SMTP host but not sure if that will break all SMTP for unity.    Maybe just delete the UM service email account? 


This is what every user 'Message Actions' looks like:


message  Single-inbox address is
message  UM service Email action is: Relay the Message.
message  UM service Fax action is: Accept the Message.
message  Voicemails will be synchronized to and retained on Connection.
message  Receipts will be synchronized to and retained on Connection.
message  Faxes will be retained on Connection.
message  Emails will be relayed to single-inbox address



To confirm you are wanting to stop the email notifications to users or you want to stop the actual messages from being sent through email?

Both. I want 0 email notifications from unity to end users.

It has been a few years since I have used v9.x but when you did the Bulk Edit, was there a HTML and SMTP option?  Is it disabled for both notification options?


In CUC > System Settings > Advanced is there a 'Messaging' option listed?  In a later version there is an option to "Allow voicemail as attachments to HTML notifications" and you can enable and disable that.  I would think that would take care of the attachment part. 

Based on the message you display below, it looks like everyone has a unified message account.  Is it ok maybe to simply delete all your unified messaging accounts under Tools, Bulk Administration Tool?


message  Single-inbox address is
message  UM service Email action is: Relay the Message.
message  UM service Fax action is: Accept the Message.
message  Voicemails will be synchronized to and retained on Connection.
message  Receipts will be synchronized to and retained on Connection.
message  Faxes will be retained on Connection.

No, I would not do it that way.  What I honestly would try first would be in CUC go to Users > search a criteria or select 'Find' to list all users > select only a few users, make sure some of them have notification set up > if you scroll down, at the bottom of the search results, there is a 'Bulk Edit' button, select that > it will then load a Basic User page > select Edit from the menu bar > select Notification Devices from the menu list > select the display name of HTML (if there is one) > when the HTML page loads, there are 2 boxes next to 'Enabled', select the first box, not the one right next to the word 'Enabled' > Submit > if needed, do this again but with SMTP Notification Device


When I did this process in CUC v11 it disabled the HTML notification setting on the user's profile, which is used to send the email notification of voicemail has been received; the SMTP Notification Device also will send an email notification if it is enabled.  This is at least my experience.  Sorry I do not have a v9 CUC to check.  

Just thought that this would be the easiest way.  He stated that he doesn't want any emails coming from Unity to end users email boxes.  All of the Unity Unified Messaging accounts would have to be exported from Unity Connection via Bulk Administration Tool first.  Then the exported csv file would have to be used to delete all the accounts.  This would stop all the unified messaging emails.  Then, if the smart host is sending emails because the users "message actions" are still set to "accept and relay" or "relay" on the voicemail settings, that could be bulk edited via the process you mentioned.  If the end result of deleting the unified messaging accounts proved to be undesirable; a simple import of the file exported would repair that.

Everything under 'Notification Devices' is already disabled.    When I click on 'html' this is what I have...and I just want the easiest way to disable EMAIL because we migrated off CUCM but its still sending VMailbox full emails which I don't want.  So other than shutting it down completely today I need to find another solution. 


Looking at it I think the only way to do this is either disable SMART SMTP server or delete all those unified messaging accounts.  





In that case I would do both.  Disabling smart host will only affect the "message action" settings under users if they were set up for a simple "voice mail to email" at one point.  If all users display what you posted earlier, that means they all have unified messaging accounts.  Therefore, those accounts could be deleted.  The easiest way to stop unified messaging from Unity, would be to go under "Unified Messaging"  --> "Unified Messaging Services" and delete any Unified Messaging Services that have been created. This would break unity's integration that it uses to send voicemail to outlook.