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Display calling party's number

Hi All,


For a particular directory number (egs : 8123) is mapped to specific mobile phone number in the translation pattern. When any desk phone from within the organization calls on the 8123 number it gets connected to the specific mobile phone and works fine, but it does not show the callers name on the mobile phone rather it just shows a single name (i.e same name irrespective of whoever calls from their desk phones). I am not sure how to ensure that called persons name shows on the mobile phone. Have attached the translation pattern snapshot.


Please guide on how to achieve this ? 

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Re: Display calling party's number

When you call the external number directly from a phone (not through the translation pattern but direct route pattern match), does the mobile phone see the name then?

Displaying actual name is possible with some SIP trunks, but not other PSTN connections (i.e. PRI), what is your PSTN connection?


Re: Display calling party's number

It looks like all the extensions (internal desk phones) are mapped to a default profile name on uccx and when they call this particular mobile number the default profile name shows as the caller name. It is a PRI connection. 

When called externally it shows only the called phone number. I think it might be a silly thing where the mobile phone user has saved the number under a specific name, but i wanted to know if tagging the name attached to desk phone profile when calling this corporate registered mobile number is possible ? 


Egs :  User A has logged into a Cisco ip phone with his user credentials and hence his name displays on the desk ip phone screen, and he calls the registered mobile phone number so will this display that his name on the mobile phone screen OR does it needs to be saved as a normal way of doing it ? (Like we save callers numbers on our personal phones) ? Just seeing if this functionality is available on the UCCX ? 


Re: Display calling party's number

Adding some clarity to the issue: 


The scenario is that for after hours a certain extension is setup i.e 8123 which redirects the call to the mobile number mentioned in the "called party transform mask" in the translation pattern under called party transformations section. So when a user calls the 8123 number from his cellphone the number gets redirected properly and goes to the specified number but constantly display a default name on the cell phone screen. (This is nothing to do with the way the number is saved in the mobile phone). So it looks like the UCCX maps the incoming user call profile to a default profile and redirects the call. Please do suggest how to rectify this.


The settings under the calling party transformations are as below:

"Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask" -- This is ticked

Calling Party Transform Mask  -- BLANK

Prefix Digits (Outgoing Calls) -- BLANK

Calling Line ID Presentation -- DEFAULT

Calling Name Presentation  -- DEFAULT

Calling Party Number Type  -- Cisco callmanager

Calling Party Numbering Plan -- Cisco callmanager

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