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Edit Keyword List Prime Provisioning

 I am working on creating some service templates, and want to utilize Keywords for line description and device description. We are running 12.4 and I am following the documentation and there is a section where it says you can edit the keyword list. Does anybody know where to find this? I want to create a keyword that pulls in the service area. Example ${SERVICEAREA} ${FIRSTNAME} ${LASTNAME}. We have about 250 service areas, and this would assist with creating minimal service templates.

Cisco Employee

Editing keyword lists refers to the Batch UI.  Custom keywords and pre-defined keywords can be added to batch jobs to make reusable batch templates.  When a template is created with custom keywords or a batch with custom keywords is loaded into the batch editor, a custom keyword list is automatically created at the top of the UI which you can fill in before running the batch.  If you subsequently copy the batch to reuse, the custom keyword list will be recreated for you to fill in again.


The pre-defined keywords are used in the Service Templates wherever you see the little gold key next to a text box.  Hovering over the key shows keywords available to be used in the text box.


Thanks for your reply Anthony. That makes total sense now.

I have related question for you, we are trying to figure out how we are going to set up the Service Templates and User Roles. We have 250 Service Areas, for our 250 locations. 


Current set up, we have a User Role for each Service Area and Service Templates for line and phone for each location. Total of 500 Service Templates and 250 User roles. We are finding this to be a management nightmare.


The other option we tried, was create the 500 Service Templates and assigning them to one User Role and Service Area and making them default. This was a pain, when adding the templates to the User Role.


What would you recommend to ease the set up on this? Can we make  or change the default Service Templates that would carry over to the user role? Or will we still need to create Service Templates for each location?


Hope this makes sense

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