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Enterprise License Manager - Migration

From reading the ELM will be installed coresident when I upgrade existing clusters.  That being said I'm expecting that the process will spin up on the publisher servers for both CUC and CUCM.  My question is if we can spin up a dedicated ELM ahead of time and point the cluster components to that instance so that they do not have the processes loaded on the application instances?

Steve Snodgrass

I'd very much like to know the answer to this as well.  I just built a dedicated license manager VM and I'm trying to figure out how to migrate the licenses from a CUCM 8.6 publisher that I already have.  I realize I have to upgrade CUCM to 9.0 but I'm not sure how the licensing process will work with a separate, dedicated ELM.

Yep the dedicated ELM is a fair point especially if you are moving other servers around, that way you can turn off rebuild other publishers etc and not have to rebuild your ELM or re host licenses etc.

The ELM will always install with the CUCM but you don't have to use that one just leave it dormant and have the CUCM paired up with the standalone ELM.

The licensing process is the same with a co-res or dedicated ELM. 

The short answer to the original question is no, you cannot disable or prevent the installation of the local ELM.  Every installation of CUCM and CUC will include ELM.  But that does not mean that ELM will manage the local resource.  At this time, there is no way to seed an installation with ELM information to prevent the ELM web from showing up in first menu.  I have recommended that if a co-located cluster is managed by a central ELM, turn off the local ELM service.  Then allow the admin to re-establish the ELM service if the admin wants to move back to local control.  But that will not happen for at least a couple releases from now.


Dan Keller

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