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Ruud van Strijp

Exchange 2010 + CallManager 4.3(2)sr1c: What works, what doesn't?


I've been reading about Exchange 2007/2010 and CallManager 4.3 integrations and I'm getting kind of lost in all the different information. Some people say Exchange 2007 + CM4.x is a no go, as features like MWI don't work. Others say there are no problems and that they have a fully working environment. Also, all the documentation I find is about Exchange 2007: it seems like noone has tried setting up Exchange 2010 with CM4.3. I expect that Exchange 2007 and 2010 have the same compatibility with all CallManager products, but this isn't stated anywhere.

So basically, does anyone know what is supposed to work in an Exchange 2010 + CallManager 4.3.2 environment? And which things don't work? I'm mainly interesting in knowing if and how MWI should work.

Some background information:

I currently have a test setup running. These things work:

- I can call Exchange 2010 from my IP Phones

- I can leave voicemail messages when the person I'm trying to reach is unavailable

- I can use the Play on Phone option in Outlook

Things that don't work:

- Message Waiting Indication. I get the errormessage:

An error occurred while sending MWI notification '0/3 (unread/read)' for mailbox '(3c7730b1-e52c-435b-88ce-d50ef6b5ffca)' associated with UM extension '11'. The target selected was 'CUCM'. A different target will be attempted. Additional information: Microsoft.Exchange.UM.UMCommon.MwiTargetException: An error occurred while attempting to deliver an MWI message using target CUCM. ---> Microsoft.SpeechServer.SipPeerException: A SIP NOTIFY message has failed. ---> ResponseCode=481 ResponseText=Call Leg/Transaction Does Not Exist

- Exchange generates the following error every minute:

The following UM IP gateways did not respond as expected to a SIP OPTIONS request.

Transport = TCP, Address =, Port = 5060, Response Code = 400, Message = Bad Request - 'Malformed/Missing URL'

It looks like MWI indeed doesn't seem to work as some people on the internet have said. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Ruud van Strijp

Tommer Catlin

MWI does not work for this.  Im surprised you even got CUCM 4.x to work with Exchange.  The SIP exchange between MSFT and CUCM is very tricky in the early releases.   Really, not until CUCM 7.1 is where SIP is really stabile.

YOu will need to use a product called   its the only solution to make the MWI work.

MSFT, when they built Exchange UM decided that MWIs were not important them and left the ability to light up phones out.  They also used a twisted version of SIP to make it work better for OCS and limited to CUCM.

Im not positive, but maybe it will work in CUCM 7.x and Exchange 2007/2010.   2010 is so new, I hardly believe anyone is using it.

I would recommend you upgrade your cluster or start planning on upgrading to CUCM 7.x or even 8.x when possible.  4.x CUCM is slowing going away.

Hey tcatlinins,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I indeed already was afraid that I couldn't expect too much of the integration between these products.

Only one thing though: Since Exchange 2010, it supports native WMI instead of needing wmi2007 for it. So it shouldn't need that extra addon software, unless you mean it changes something in the WMI notifications of 2010 as well, which would make CUCM 4.3 understand them?

Btw, not many companies are using Exchange 2010 yet indeed, but quite some companies are already looking into upgrading to it. That's why I'm making this test environment with CUCM 4.3 and Exchange 2010: our customer already has CUCM 4.3 and wants to see how far integration with Exchange 2010 is possible. We knew it didn't work well with Exchange 2007, I tested this out 2 years ago. I just was hoping MS changed something in their SIP integration which could make it work better with CUCM. Seems I do not have much luck in this

Maybe in CUCM 7.x it will work better for the MWI... im not entirely sure on this.  You could poke around in the MSFT forum

unified messaging.  

I know for sure though, the SIP information is trickey with MWI between the two, even with 2007.  It was required to use the Geomat software to make MWI work correctly.    MSFT kind of screwed themselves with that when they built 2007.  It was there thinking nobody uses MWI so the code was not built to make it work with other vendors.  So maybe its fixed with 2010?  I know when I was talking with them, they were only testing UM 2007 with CUCM 5.x, 6,x and just tapping 7.x. 

And actually, in CUCM 7 and Exchange 2010 MWI *IS* supported.  I dont have the doc, but another engineer I talked said it has been tested and working


What about Exchange 2010 and CUCM 6.1 MWI support?

Any feedback?

Thank you.


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