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Exchange Shared Mailbox for Voicemail and accessing through Jabber

I am wanting to give our users access to a group voicemailbox through Jabber and Outlook, so that a voicemail can be left for a hunt pilot, which would be an exchange shared mailbox, and allow the user to access the messages in Jabber. If someone in the group reads the voicemail message then it should also be marked as read for everyone else. We can simply send the voicemails to a shared mailbox sure, but it would we great if we could allow our users to access these voice messages from jabber aswell so they could see ALL voicemail messages in jabber, i.e. personal mailbox messages and a shared mailbox.  Im thinking with Jabber multiline, it could be possible to add the shared mailbox as one of the other csf lines so you can see the messages within jabber. Or, can you give a user access to another unity users mailbox (which would be a shared exchange mailbox) via an alternate extension and have it accessable through jabber? Anyone tried anything like this? Does anyone know a way to provide a group mailbox which can be accessed through Jabber aswell as email? Thanks!