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expressway E certificate renewal

I know we need to generate CSR. but what about the renewal?  do i need to generate CSR again for every renewal from same certificate provider like digicert. for example , first time I generated CSR and then signed it with digicert and then upload it to expressway. now its get expired or going to expire. in this case can I renew directly from digicert without generating CSR. in this case ill renew it from digicert and download  the renewed certificate and then upload the certificate to expressway E. Is that possible without generating CSR for second time?

Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

For what reason would you not want to generate a CSR to request a new certificate? Even if it’s technically a renewal, it’s practically a new certificate and that is initiated by a Certificate Sign Request or CSR in short.

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My question is possible or not without generating simply renewing certificate from digicert account with same information as before.


I want that answer... Reason I'm looking  i don't want to wait for car generation and submit this csr to client and client to upload this car to generate certificate.


This will reduce the steps from.their side.


Its more easier simply to renew it from digicert account..You got my point??


Is it possible to do that way or not?

For Expressway it should be doable, but you’ll need to also get the private key off the system as that would be needed when you upload the new certificate to the system.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

You can renew the certificate from the Digicert portal and use the new certificate. Unless you make any changes on the domain name or FQDN you dont need a new CSR. 


For a customer I have done this, they provided me the new certificate which they downloaded from the portal and they did the renewal without any CSR. But I dont remember if they provided the private key or not.

If I remember correctly when  uploading the certificate, it gives you an option to reuse the existing Private key in the expressway E server which you generated when creating the CSR.







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