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Jason Nash

Extension Mobility Auto Logon When Logged Into Workstation

Hi All,

Does anyone know of any applications or scripts which can be ran on client machines to automatically log the Cisco UCM extension mobility user into the phone on logging into the workstation.



Hi Jason

I did some testing on numerous clients last year and the best I found was

It isnt super cheap but it did work.

We decided to park this piece of work in the end though


Thanks Paul, looks good. You may not be able to answer this but we wish to use with thin clients. As the software would then be running inside of a VDI/terminal services session it would not be able to use CDP to detect the phone. Is there any automated way of detecting which phone to login without the end user having to select from hundreds of devices?

We had the same question and i am afraid it wont work.

The guest machine needs to be able to see the phone via CDP which wont work over a thin client. Sorry

I thought as much. Altough I did just find the below on the FAQ of their site. Looks like you can mantain some manual mappings. Perhaps a new feature. Waiting for them to come back to me, will let you know the outcome.

Q. Can I use the ALM in a Citrix or TerminalServer environement?

A. This depends on the type of clients used. When using so-called fat clients, ALM can be installed in OS and it will work. When using so-called thin clients ALM cannot be installed in the client OS but it can be installed on the Citrix/TerminalServer. Unfortunately, in this situation the automatic phone detection cannot be used. In this case, a fixed combination between the client PC and the Phone needs to be configured. For more information please contact RSconnect support.

Yeah there will be mappings. I guess it depends how mobile your workforce are?

One way is to look at the vxc 6215 thin clients

Yes I know it doesn't help if you have existing thin devices but in this device the phone runs inside the device and the user logging into the HVD will automatically trigger the phone inside the thin client to be set up with that users extension

Plus you get hd voice and video in a thin client



Totally agree.

In my humble opinion the current iteration of the 6215 is not fit for purpose but i have high hopes for the VXME release.

You cant even watch a youtube video on the 6215 currently

The new beta is going v2 which has now jabber and HD support and any connect support

Is that still not filling the gap or were you talking about version 1



I saw the 6215s at Cisco when they first came out and we werent overly impressed. Great in concept but lacking compared to Terradici and most importantly the Terra2 announcement.

I havent seen any of the VXME releases yet but have just signed up for the latest beta to have a look as I think finally they might have a powerful proposition

Hi Both,

We are also in the market for a thin client offering. Ideally looking for something with an integrated smartcard reader to allow users to easily roam between devices. Are there any plans for newer Cisco thin clients to offer a smartcard reader.

Currently been looking at the Igel thin clients.


They do support smart cards but I don’t think it is built into the device. Probably best to post in the private community



Hi Jason,

Not sure if you ever got your reply.. But we now support an automatic way of mapping thin clients to IP phones without using CDP or LLDP. For more information see or send an e-mail to


Jason, take a look at Logonexpert autologon tool, it should be useful for you

There was a solution built for thin/thick clients internally to one-two buildings.  They use a script to collect all the arp (MAC)information from the switches and dump that into a file (CSV) which gets put into a MySQL database (MACDB). A vbscript on the desktop (thin/think) gets the user logon ID and MAC address of the client pushes a (login/logout) to a PHP server which then looks at the phone MAC address associate with the client machine and then performs a login or logout of the device.  There are logging features and Exclude phone or user tables if people do not roam or permenant locations that the logout profile gets populated with  their corresponding information.  From what I gather Cisco was very interested in how it worked.  Its great for small or midsized companies, possibly large but depends on how many switches you have to poll and how often.  I thought a simpler solution would be to have the client present you an option for EM and you just enter in the phone number that you are at for that day.  If you are always there give an option to remember device/number.  That way as you are already logging into the softclient it should be able to pass your credentials on the backend for logging in or out.

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