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Extention Mobility time zone change

Hi All,


i have configure extension mobility feature in one of our client. call manager version is 10.5. extension mobility feature is working fine

user will be able to login and logout from extension mobility. but after login to EM in device configuration i can see the time zone is showing in UTC

but i want to change it to IST as per Indian standard time. can anyone help me on this.


Hi Sudeep, Goto "call routing

Hi Sudeep,


  1. Goto "call routing" > "class of control" > "partition"
  2. select the partition which is associated to the Device profile ( roaming profile )
  3. change the Timezone in this partition and apply config.

It will fix your problem.


Hi Sandeep, i have tried this

Hi Sandeep,


i have tried this as suggested

1) go to call routing 2) class of control 3) then select the partition that i assign to Device profile and change the

time zone to IST +5:30 Asia/Kolkatta

then apply config but still when the user login to EM then it shows UTC instead of IST

And you did phone reset.whats

And you did phone reset.

whats your CUCM and phone model \ firmware info.


Also can you check the below link :-



cucm version is

cucm version is

we have verious types of phone like cisco 7940, 7941, 8941, 7912, 7911 but for testing i am doing with

my ip communicator. when login or logout to phone my time on phone is correct but my problem is

since on the system time shows as UTC my users will auto logout as per UTC timezone. i have set user logout policy after 8 hours and their is a gap of more than 5 hours between UTC and GMT time slot.

Hi, the 'Extension


 the 'Extension Information' shows the time in UTC format.

 Although its in UTC format, your users will auto logout after 8 hours of their login, in other words, if your users shift are between 08:00 AM and 05:00 PM (IST - +5:30 from UTC), then it will login on 01:30PM and auto logout on 10:30PM.

Hope this helps.


Here it shows UTC time zone

Here it shows UTC time zone

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