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Facing problem with "Place Call step" in CUE script


My customer has a requirement of dialing a call outside once it hits the IVR similar to MVA feature in CUCM.Hence I’ve created a custom script(attached).

Now the problem I am facing is that when try to upload the same script in CUE web page then I get an error saying “Adding a script failed- The script contains unsupported steps or is corrupt” and when I remove this “place call step” from my script and then upload the script it gets uploaded normally. I am using CUCM ver 7.1.3 and Voice gateway 3925 in which CUE ver. installed in SM module.

I’ve attached the script, place call step and error screenshots in the mail for reference. Request for your help



Cisco Employee

Place Call requires the IVR license. I think you really want to use the “Call redirect” step for a call transfer?


Hi Abhi,

Thanks.Actually I tried using "Call Redirect" but it works only on internal extensions.I've to transfer the call to a PSTN number that is why i was looking at "Place Call" step. Can I make "call redirect" step work for PSTN no.s somehow

cue licenses.bmp

Also Is there any specific license I can look at to find whether i've the license for using it.I have attached my license screenshot (above) of my CUE .



Call redirect should work fine. Cisco TAC will help you debug this ... "debug ccsip messages" on IOS will help to determine what is the actual SIP message, and why  it is not hitting the dial-peers it should.

Thanks Abhi.Let me check it out.Actually after putting debug ccsip mesages the call is not hitting the voice gateway, once the call is placed.



If the call is not hitting the gateway, let's start with "show trace buffer tail" on CUE. You can execute this command just a second before the actual transfer happens.


Hi Abhi,

Sorry to put you in confusion earlier.There are two issues in my CUE IVR

1) IVR script was not getting uploaded when i was using "place call" step in my IVR

2)"Place Call" step or "Call Redirect" is not is able to dial outside.

For issue no (1 ) got resolved after you suggested me to check the licenses are there.Actually we had purchased the licenses but for some reason they were disabled nd TAC helped me in activiating it back.

For issue no (2) what happens is that when i place a call using "place call" step in my script the call comes out through "invalid" node (which means call attempted but extension was not a valid extension).I checked the "route pattern" on my CUCM which has to be used with this script and it works fine with manully dialing from my phone.Can you suggest what do i need to check on CUE or CUCM front.



I will need to look at logs to figure out what's going wrong. Please refer to my previous messages for details.

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