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Fail provisioning Ringlist.xml and List.xml to IP Phones 7975 7945 in CUCM 7.1.5


I have an issue with follow equipments:

1.- CUCM 7.1.5 (Publisher and Suscriber)

2.- 7975 SCCP75.9-3-1SR2-1S

3.- 7965 SSCP45.9-3-1SR2-1S

The deployment of CUCM Publisher and Suscriber were installled succesfully, I used the local TFTPs servers and these are operating properly. I have guaranteed that the Ringlist.xml and List.xml is the folders that CUCM`s used to provisioned the phones.

Initially the Custom Ringlist and List (Wallpapers) resided in the Publisher , when I register an iphone to this server i dont have any problem but when i register the ip iphones to Suscriber arent provisioned with the wallpaper and ringtones. In both cases I restarted the tftps, and applied the option false and then true in the menu Service Parameter Configuration-->IP_Suscriber-->TFTP--> Enabling Caching of constant and bin files at startup.

Only when apply factory reset to the IP Phone, and this is configured to TFTP of Suscriber, download the images and ringtones succesful.   

Somebody have a workround that the iphones will obtain its images and ringtones properly without to applied factory reset.



TFTP files need to be uploaded to each server. Log into the Sub and upload all the files, including custom image and ringer files, directly to it, then restart TFTP on the Sub.

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Hi PCHoldmann

I have homologated the directories of Ringlist.xml and List.xml in both Servers CUCM Publisher and Suscriber also i have restarted TFTP servers.

When i register the ip phones to Publisher the IP Phones obtain the files properly, but when i register the same ip phones are not obtained the images and ringtones. Only they obtain the files when i apply factory reset and these are configured to to Suscriber.


Are the actual image and wav files on both TFTP servers?

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The same files(.raw and png)are in the publisher and the subcriber, with the same routes.

Are you able to get the files via TFTP from a PC?

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Hi PCHoldmann

We have verified the connection and the obtaining of files over the command "file get tftp" in both tftp servers.


Hi Jacob,

Can you try upgrading a couple of 7965's to firmware 9.3(1)SR3 and check if the issue persists.

Apart from that try deleting the ringlist.xml from subscriber, restart TFTP, reupload and restart TFTP.



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