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Fax line goes to general greeting

Got an odd issue. We have an FXS card with our fax number of 0267. When we call the number, it will go to a general greeting. I don't know why the line is being forwarded to the general voice greeting. We haven't messed with any settings on the FXS but we did create a new auto-attendant recording for our general number. However, we were careful not to use any number that was using the 0267 number. 


I have attached a doc that shows the setup. 




All the call forward to voicemail boxes are set to checked in your picture..  Uncheck them.  As you have your voicemail profile set to "None" it will use the system default profile.


I unchecked them but then it just hung up automatically. I tried a different combo of things to uncheck, it would hang up right away or to the general auto-attendant greeting.

I just realized that you are using an FXO port. Typically these are used to connect POTs lines to your infrastructure.  Are you trying to connect an inbound DID from a PRI or SIP trunk and route it to an analog fax machine or something else?

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Advisor

Are you   trying to use  FXO port to connect the FAX ? if yes  you should use FXS to connect the FAX.


If your PSTN FAX lines are terminated on FXO, you need to check the FXO port configuration. Most probably there could be a Plar configuration on FXO port. May be it match your new AA pilot. That could be the reason for getting the greeting. 


See the call flow. 




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Sorry for the delay in responding. I was able to confirm it is a FXS line that is being used for a POTS fax line. I wrote FXO incorrectly. Sorry about that. Attached is the setup we used for the FXS card. I'm still at a lose on this.

Is this the only fax in your environment? 

Post the config for the port the fax is connected to

Run DNA and see the call flow for 0267.


Second thing Whats your call forwarding  setting for the extension 0267, Have you enabled CF all to VM ?





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Do you have the IOS Gateway configuration that properly for your mgcp Gateway?


I am also curious if you have traced the physical wiring. Do you have a standard analog telephone that you can plug directly into the interface card on the router?  If so, do you get dial tone and can you place a call? Can you receive a call directly on the analog phone?


I am not sure where you left those check boxes, but you do need to make sure that all of the forward to voice mail boxes are unchecked.

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