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Fresh install CUCM 12.5 + OVA + Answer file.

Hi guys,

I am having issues installing CUCM 12.5 in VMWare, is that possible?

My specific questions are.

Is there an OVA file for version 12.5 already?

How can I create an answer file for version 12.5? I think the answer file generation tool is not there yet. :(

Can I use the normal ISO to install CUCM 12.5? or does it have to forcefully say "BOOTABLE_UCOS_12.5" ? Because I think all the ISO in there are non-bootable.

If so, does a bootable ISO exist for version 12.5 fresh install? --> (ISO + OVA + Answer file).

Thank you.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Is it possible that you would have errors? Absolutely.

OVA found here:

ISO does need to be a Bootable image, like: Bootable_UCSInstall_UCOS_12.5.1.10000-22.sgn.iso, which you cannot download from Cisco Software Download, but does come with new purchases (in datastore) and PUT orders (eDelivery).

You could make this non-bootable image you found, into a bootable image, by following this:

Unfortunately, the Answer File Generator does appear to lack the 12.5 version for now. I'm not sure how different 12.0 is from 12.5 in respects to the platformConfig.xml, but I'd guess they're different enough, else the tool wouldn't specify so many versions. It takes all of 10 minutes to type this info in to the install wizard so unless you're doing some automation or installing 10's of servers a month, it's probably not a real benefit (my opinion only).

Actually this information was very useful.


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