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Adrián Moran

getting call in wrong number

Hi all good day;

    I have a weir issue, let me try to explain:

the telephone system infrastructure is: PSTN -- cisco gateway 4331 -- CUCM v9.1 -- Cisco hardphone/softphone


in gateway there is incoming dial-peers, translation rules, dial-peer to route call to CUCM

the translation rule are:

voice translation-rule 100
rule 1 /^9550/ /4150/  ###Work perfectly###
rule 2 /^95/ /41/ ###Work perfectly###
rule 4 /^91/ /40/ ###Work perfectly###
rule 5 /^9940$/ /4046/ ###Work perfectly###


when testing those rules i got the translation correctly

test voice translation-rule 100 9550
Matched with rule 1
Original number: 9550 Translated number: 4150


test voice translation-rule 100 9130
Matched with rule 4
Original number: 9130 Translated number: 4030


test voice translation-rule 100 9940
Matched with rule 5
Original number: 9940 Translated number: 4046

So far everything is fine, the issue comes when i want to get the call in the Directory number in CUCM.

for some reason that i cant find yet CUCM is getting the call to 4130 or 4146 instead 4030 or 4046


Outbound SCCP message to Unknown Device Name ( at 07/14/2021 15:36:35.097

StationD: (2940884) (2,100,13,9002059) CallInfo callingPartyName='' callingParty=6461164348 cgpnVoiceMailbox= alternateCallingParty= 6461164348 calledPartyName='Paula Quintal' calledParty=4146 cdpnVoiceMailbox= originalCalledPartyName='Paula Quintal' originalCalledParty=4146 originalCdpnVoiceMailbox= originalCdpnRedirectReason=0 lastRedirectingPartyName='Paula Quintal' lastRedirectingParty=4146 lastRedirectingVoiceMailbox= lastRedirectingReason=0 callType=1(InBound) lineInstance=1 callReference=22785444. version: 85720016
Source Filename: SDL002_100_001331.txt.gz


apparently gateway is translating the call to the corresponding Directory number and sending this to CUCM but whatever i done in CUCM the call is hitting the incorrect range of number (4130, 4146)


I check Translation rule, route pattern, CSS, route partition, but non of this have any or something weir to route the call to those number (41xx).


any ideas on what next to check or need to add/change, ill be appreciate.


PS., Feel free to ask for more information about it





MSE Adrian M.

As suggested on your other post please change your translation rules to this.

voice translation-rule 100
rule 1 /^95\(..\)$/ /41\1/
rule 2 /^91\(..\)$/ /40\1/
rule 3 /^9940$/ /4046/
rule 4 /^9941$/ /4047/
rule 5 /^9942$/ /4048/
rule 6 /^9943$/ /4049/
rule 7 /^9944$/ /4050/
rule 8 /^9945$/ /4051/
rule 9 /^9946$/ /4052/

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That output from DNA does not look like it’s from the SIP trunk of your gateway or from your gateway if you use another protocol than SIP.

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Hello Roger, yes it is not a SIP, it is h.323 gateway setup. But as I can see in gateway there is no issue with outgoing calls nor incoming calls cos i can answer calls but not in the corresponding DN 40XX.

MSE Adrian M.

The DNA is to see what happens in CM once the call travels from your gateway into the CM. To see this you need to do the DNA that is based on the gateway as the calling party.

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