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Walkthrough Wednesdays
Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee

Having trouble with licensing for UPM

This is an occasional problem I see on email.


  • The count shown does not match what I bought
  • The counts are unusual numbers
  • The product will not come out of eval mode
  • The product shows expired for one or more licenses
  • The product worked in eval mode but some java or system services are not starting after applying some licenses.
Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee

Below is some troubleshooting info:

Troubleshooting Most Common Problems

  • UPM in Eval mode
    • No licenses in the license directory; c:\cupm\license
      • Obtain the correct licenses and put there
  • UPM in Eval mode but a license(s) is in the license directory
    • Licenses may have expired
      • Get new licenses
    • Customer put 1.x license(s) in directory instead of 2.x licenses
      • Customer must buy major upgrade licenses for 2.x and upgrade
  • UPM in Eval mode but there is an add-on license is in license directory
    • Customer forgot to order and install the image license
      • Obtain an image license and put in directory
  • Phone count is incorrect but call/message processor count correct
    • No phone add-on license. 
      • Obtain an add-on license and put in license directory
  • Phone count is incorrect but call/message processor count correct
    • One or more of the add-on licenses has incorrect MAC address
      • Rehost the incorrect MAC address licenses to match server

Troubleshooting License Entitlement

  • Count is different than customer expected in UPM license audit GUI
  • Look at licenses in license directory
    • Remove any that are expired or wrong revision (1.0)
    • Make sure all MACs match and match the server MAC. Copy all that don’t to a temp directory. Customer needs to rehost these.
  • Look at what is left
    • Count up all “B” (UPM 2.x/8.x) add-on license phone counts, call this Count A
    • If present, determine how many 1.x phone counts can be upgraded to 2.x 
      • Count up all 1.x license phone counts (from ipt_phone_max field)
      • Count up all B upgrade license counts (from ipt_phone_max field)
      • The smaller of these two numbers is the upgrade entitlement, Count B
    • Add Count A to Count B to get the number of phones UPM should support
    • After rehosting bad MAC licenses and putting them in the license directory, redo the count to see what the new phone count is.
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