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How do you remove the Default English (United States) language from Unity Connection 8.0?


I am installing a new Cisco Unity Connection appliance and I have installed the English (Australian) language locale file. This is working fine except when the user goes to change the recorded greeting and they are prompted to record in either US English or Australian English.

How do I remove the US English option or better still remove the default English (United States) language so that the only language installed is English (Australia)?

I did some searching in previous posts and only found an unresolved post for Unity Connection 2.1 from 2003

Surely someone has come across this before and has a resolution?



Scott Hills
Cisco Employee


Suggest you might look at the following guide to see if any part covers your question:

Adding or Removing Cisco Unity Connection 8.x Languages -



Hi Scott,

Thanks for that but i have already looked at that solution and tried - When I entered the show cuc locales command to show the installed languages it only show the Australian language that I added post the original server install.




I tested in the lab on a Connection 8.5. I don't have any additional languages installed.

If I do: show cuc locales

In fact nothing shows. So apparently this only shows additional locales which you have installed.

It could be that you cannot uninstall the default english as some type of failsafe to prevent all languages from being removed from the server. I cannot confirm this for sure but seems like a good reason

So your only option may be to follow the steps suggested in:

Changing Connection 8.x Language Settings



HI Scott - yeah I tried all those as well without any success before I posted this question any ther ideas?

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Derek,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Scott (+5 "S")

I can't confirm this as we don't run a multi language setup;

Recording Greetings in Multiple Languages

With a Cisco Unity Connection multilingual system, you can give users the option of providing greetings in multiple languages when the greeting language for the primary call handler of the user is inherited. For example, if Connection is set up to provide prompts in French and Spanish, it is possible to record the standard greeting in both languages so that Spanish- and French-speaking callers can hear the greeting in their own language.

To enable this option for an individual user or a template, select the Language Callers Hear: Inherit Language From Caller setting on the Edit Message Settings page. (this is where the specified English (Australian) could be set)

If a greeting is not recorded in a language that the system provides, Connection plays the system default greeting for calls that are associated with that greeting. Note that this feature is not available with the voice-recognition conversation.



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