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Rene Charbonneau

How to migrate from BE6000 to Communications Manager

Dear forum members,

first of all, I'am tired. I have been on a long journey from the day we bought our Cisco Unified Communication system until now.

Technically everything worked just fine, right from the beginning until now. But starting from the first day, I had several huge

issues with our Cisco reseller (Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems).

It all started with the fact, that all hardware related contracts and services were SmartNet Services and added directly to our company account.

All software related services were booked as "Shared Services". So we were the rightfull owner of the licenses but our reseller had to migrate/issue all tickets, licensing requests and so on.

It took us (me and our reseller) over a year to set these things "right".

Right now, everything (hardware and software related services, licenses, ...) are bound to our Cisco account. We can open TAC cases, download software/firmware and so on.

Last week, we migrated successfully from Call Manager 8.6.5 to 10.0. So I was really happy to see, that everything worked fine (I could migrate my licenses, download the software, ...).

I thought, "Hey, finally eveything works as expected..."

I was wrong, so wrong...

What happend? I tell you what happend...

During the migration, we had to move all our servers (CUCM, CUC & CUPS) from our Cisco C200 M2 Server to our Dell VMware cluster, because the C200 M2 is (as far as I know) not supported anymore for BE6000 10.x and we didn't wand to buy a new C220 M3 server.

Due to the fact, that the BE6000 is only supported on that hardware, we decided to migrate our BE6000 to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Our reseller told me, that Cisco Unified Communications Manager is supported on third party hardware (if the hardware meets certain requirements, like processors and so on) and due to the fact that we only use CUCM, CUC & CUPS there would be no difference for us when it comes to features.

So I said: Great, let's do that. And when you are doing that, can you please order us a license for a collab edge gateway (the thing that enables Jabber to proxy through the firewall without the need of a vpn tunnel).

And that was the point when our communication stucked...

Since that mail, I don't get any response from our reseller regarding this two tasks. They told me, that I can do that myself. I tried that and searched all cisco portals and then opended a TAC case.

The TAC team told me, that our reseller had to file a sales order (is that right?) and send me back to them.

Right now, I'am trapped between Cisco and my reseller and I'am really tired. Can someone please tell me what I can do/have to do to patch things up?


Kind regards,


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

DRS from your current server which is using the 6K OVAs, into your dell server which should NOT be using the 6K OVAS, but any of the other non-6K options you have.

I assume you've already verified your server is supported under 3rd party spec guidelines???

But, that's all it takes to move from a 6K into an enterprise CUCM, or the other way around as well.



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Hi Jaime, I was talking about the licensing migration! The technical migration is done. We successfully migrated last week. But as far as I know, BE6000 is not offically supported on third party hardware (yes the dell hardware meets the requirements). So I want to migrate my BE6000 into a "Standard" Communications manager (which is supported on third party hardware).
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