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Hunt Group Forward to Voicemail if no answer...not working.

I have an 888 number that rings a hunt group by using hunt pilot extension 1398.  When no one in hunt group answers, we want it to go to voicemail box 1302. I configured forward no answer in the hunt pilot to go to x6000 which is the main unity connection extension. On the unity box, I have a system call handler that is setup for x1398 which is the hunt pilot extension.  On the transfer options of the system call handler, I have it transferring to x1398. On the greetings page, I have callers hear nothing and after greeting user with VoiceMail Box is set to x1302, and attempt transfer is checked.

The problem is, when I dial x1398 it works as expected. When I dial the 888 number it goes to “Welcome to Cisco Unity Connection Messaging…”

Any idea why it’s different when transferring through the 888 number. The Hunt Pilot is x1398 and when you dial the 888 number it does the hunt group properly, but when there is no answer, it doesn’t transfer to the proper mailbox, it just transfers to the main unity connection prompt.

So … 888 numberà huntpilot x1398 à no answer à transfer to 6000 (unity) à system call handler for x1398 àattempt transfer to x1398 à greetings (nothing) à after greeting attempt transfer to vmail box 1302. (no workie)

But x1398 à no answer à transfer to 6000 (unity) à system call handler for x1398 àTransfer Options(transfer action, transfer calls to extension x1398 à System Call Handler greetings (nothing) à after greeting attempt transfer to vmail box 1302. This one works.

CUCM 6.01

Unity Connection 1.2

Thanks for any ideas.

Steve Hart

Adam Thompson


What number is being passed to Unity when you dial the 888 number?

You can either configure a call routing rule in Unity to send that number to the correct call handler, or you can manipulate the called party number at the hunt pilot number to be the extension that Unity is expecting (done via the Called Party Number Transformations -> Called Party Transform Mask). If you set that to 1398, CUCM should pass that on to Unity which will then match the correct Call Handler.



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Thanks for the info.  I tried both of those suggestions and I'm still having the same problem. I'm not real familiar with tracing which

number is being sent by call manager.

Is there a way in unity to see what number is coming in, or do I have to do a

trace with CUCM.

Thanks again for any info.


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Steve,

In Unity Connection Admin go to the setup page for 1302 and (edit)

Add 1398 as an Alternate Extension.

Then when the call flows through to Unity Connection the proper

Greeting should play.



Thanks Rob,

I tried adding the alternate extension and since i have a system call handler with the same number, it says extension is already used and won't let me add it.

Thanks for the info.


You can use Real Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT), download it from the plugins section for Unity Connections. When you make the call from the 888 number and let it roll to VM, you will be able to monitor the call using Port Monitor within RTMT. This will show you the called number. If that number is different from 1398, you can create a call routing forward rule to route that number to the correct call handler. Or, you can add it as an alternate extension, like Rob suggested.



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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Steve,

Just to add a further note to the good tips from Adam (+5 Adam

Couldn't you remove the Call handler under 1398? If all you are using it for

is some basic routing. Just a thought.



Thanks all for the info,

I discovered through using the port monitor in unity that i was getting passed a 4610 extension, (from where? who knows!). I just routed that to the 1302 and it worked. Problem solved. Thanks again to all for the help.



Hi Steve,

Another possible solution is to make use of call forward no coverage.

As your hunt pilot number is 1398, you can try this configuration:

1) Create a dummy number with extension 1398 and set the call forward all to *1398.

2) Set "Call Forward No Coverage" to voicemail and assign corresponding voicemail profile.

3) Reconfigure the hunt pilot number to *1398.

4) Set the forward hunt no answer to "Use Personal Preference".

I think this configuration should work fine. But alternate extension is also another solution.


This is mental.

30 years ago you could Fwd hunt grp. to voicemail with ease.

Cisco has been a key player in the phone business for 10+ years and it is still a HUGE project to do something so simple.  

Losing market share?  Not a surprise to me. 

Agreed.  I'm surprised at how complicated this is.

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