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Mohammad Ali
Frequent Contributor

Hunt Group with Pots lines in Call Manager

Hello all.  I have a site with 12 Pots lines.  It is all configured via Call Manager.  We are using mgcp.  I asked the telco to setup the numbers to hunt which they said they did but still when I call the main number second time it just rings and eventually get some voicemail that is not from the call manager.  I think I need to setup Hunting in the Call Manager?  Is that correct?

Line Group --> Add the extensions in here and set them up to hunt?

Hunt List --> Create a Hunt list and associate a Line Group with it?

Hunt Pilot --> I add all the extensions in here?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

In CUCM you set a hunt pilot and configure a DN, you associate a hunt list, and a line group, the linre group will contain the internal DNs you want to ring.

CUCM has no control whatsoever for hunting external calls thru your 12 POTS lines.

What line the users reach when the dial from outside your company, is all up to telco.

We only have control of calls coming from CUCM to those POTS lines.

I'd recommend you to review the CUCM admin guide for LG/HL/HP config assistance is needed (and required as I'm not sure if that's what you want)



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if this helps, please rate
Dallan Wagner

Let's take one step back. What are you trying to accomplish? I am assuming you want to market one number but have the ability to accept multiple calls on that number. If that is the case, having the telco set up a hunt is the way to go.

Beyond that, where do you want those calls from the PSTN to route? Are you wanting those calls to ring a hunt group on your side? If so, you will need to do the following:

     1. Configure a Line group. (Call Routing -> Route/Hunt -> Line Group) This is where you will be adding the extensions. You will also need to specify a distribution algorithm. The distribution algorith, is where you will be choosing how you want the extensions to ring. For instance, if you set the DA to broadcast, every extension in the line group will ring at the same time. Click Help --> this page, while you are in the line group configuration page to get more information about the settings you can modify and different algorithms you can use.

     2. Configure a Hunt List. (Call Routing -> Route/Hunt -> Hunt List) You will need to create a new Hunt List and add your line group to it. The hunt list is evaluated in a top down fashion. You can get pretty tricky with multiple line groups with different distribution algorithms in your hunt list, but if you just want something basic,just add the line group you made.

     3. Configure the Hunt Pilot. (Call Routing -> Route/Hunt -> Hunt Pilot) The hunt pilot will be the dialed number that triggers the hunt group. Make sure you select all the required settings. You will be selecting the hunt list you just made in this configuration page. Be sure to set a maximum hunt timer and final destination so that the calls do not just ring forever. You can get pretty granular with the settings in here. Reference the help --> this page document for more information.

     4. POINT THE FXO PORTS TO THE HUNT PILOT. This is very important. Calls to your analog lines will not trigger the hunt group unless you point the ports to the Hunt Pilot. If you are using MGCP/SCCP you will need to enter the hunt pilot in the "Attendant DN" field for EVERY FXO port. If you do not enter a value here, CUCM will have no idea what to do when the port rings. It will not answer the call if there is no value specified. This would explain why your calls were ending up with the telco voicemail service; CUCM was never answering the call.

If you completed the above steps correctly, you should be able to call the main number multiple times and have the calls go to a hunt group on your side, no matter which line the call ends up coming in on.

Let me know if you have any questions, this can be kind of tricky at first.

PS, if the calls were going to a voicemail that wasn't from Call Manager (Unity Connection) call the telco and have them remove voicemail service from the lines, assuming you have configured Unity Connection to handle that.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the awesome detailed reply.  Ok so here are my steps:

Configure a Line group

. (Call Routing -> Route/Hunt -> Line Group)

*** Completed this step and was able to add 3 extensions to it (5161, 5162, 5163)

Configure a Hunt List.

(Call Routing -> Route/Hunt -> Hunt List)

*** Completed I added the Line Group created above to this list and activated it

Configure the Hunt Pilot.

(Call Routing -> Route/Hunt -> Hunt Pilot)

*** When I tried to create this with extension 5160 I get an error that a "DN exist with the same pattern information ......".  Also I'm not 100% certain on which "Route Partition" to choose here.  I picked what some of the other sites have i.e or corporate internal partition.  But those sites do not have the Pots lines


*** When I checked the FXO ports they are all pointing to 5160 already, see below

I also tried to do 516X and was able to save it without an error however hunting still does not work

Did you create a DN already with 5160? If so, delete that and then change you hunt pilot to that number. As far as the partition goes, just make sure that whatever partition you put it in, that the CSS of the POTS ports has access to call it.

It was already there and it is associated with a CTI Route point as well.  There is an autoattendant on it as well that tells users to press this and that. 

I did try to delete it though and same results.  By the way when I do "debug vpm all" on the router.  I do see the first call hitting the router.  But any second or third call is not hitting the router.  Even if I dial another number.

Let's take a couple steps back -- In your perfect world, how do you want everything set up? Lets start there and work forwards. Can you test the hunt group with another IP Phone? Call the hunt pilot directly and make sure that they phones are ringing how you want them to.

I'm sorry about this I'm kinda new to voice so still trying to understand lots of it.  Thank you for your patience.  Ok here is what the customer demand is:

Outside users dial the main number.

They get an auto attendant telling them to press this and that for different options

Now when anyone else calls they need to be able to get the same auto attendant and be able to make their choices.

OK, if this is the case, you will want to point the FXO ports to a CTI route point that is forwarding the calls to Unity Connection. You will then need to configure a call handler in Unity Connection. Have you done this already?

Thank you Dallan, I'm going to check into that right now.  Unity connection and call handler I'm assuming you mean I need that for the Auto Attendant?  If that is the case that part is already done and working.

Here is how my CTI Route point looks.  When I scroll down to the Association Information I see 5160 in there and that is where all the FXO ports are being forwarded.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Mohammad,

Just to add one note to the great tips from Dalla & Java (+5 each!)

It seems to me that your Telco provider may NOT have actually set this

up properly. From you original description of the issue along with the note

that you don't see the secondary, tertiary calls hitting the router when

Line 1 is busy.

I would check this out with a "test-set" or an analog set at the demark before

the POTs lines ever get to the router to confirm the Telco has completed the

config for this 12 line "Rotary-Hunt"



"When it comes to luck you make your own  " 

- Springsteen

Thank you Rob for the reply.  I'm assuming something Telco still needs to complete as well.  But trying to get the hang of it because they are saying that they have put all the numbers in a hunt sequence.  Ok so a little update on this.  I was testing this and decided to call the next number in the line and then call the same number second time and I got the auto attendant. 

Tested all numbers like that.  Looks like there are two numbers in the hunt group that are not hitting the router so they are breaking the hunt sequence.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Mohammad,

Good stuff!

I would just provide the Telco with your tests results such as;

the 12 line Rotary - Hunt group is broken between xxx-yyy-xxx1 Line 1 and

xxx-yyy-xxx2 Line 2 as well as between xxx-yyy-xxx7 Line 7 and xxx-yyy-xxx8

Line 8. The forward busy between those lines does not seem to be programmed

can you please check and verify

Once those all work it sounds like you would be good to go!



"When it comes to luck you make your own  " 

- Springsteen

I tell ya voice is a whole new world lol.  Very complicated.  I just asked them to remove the numbers that are causing the break for now.  We will be converting this to a PRI so will clean up all that then.  Thank you all for your help.  Hopefully all will work as desired after they remove it.  I will post back results.

Just a quick update while I work this with the telco and have them remove the bad numbers.  I removed the Line Group and Hunt List configuration from the call manager and hunting works as long as I skip the number that is breaking the hunt sequence.

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