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Hunt Pilot - Forward to line group members voicemail

Hi all.

I've been asked to set up a hunt group that will forward unanswered calls from an extension to a single member of a hunt group (hunt group has 4 members, and the calls go to the longest-idle user), and if that user doesn't pick up, then the call should go to that particular users voicemail.

I've got the call diverting from the extension to the hunt group member, but at the end of the call, it just seems to cut the call instead of going to the user's voicemail.

Any ideas / could someone point me in the right direction? If needed, we're running CUCM 10.5

Kind regards,


Terry Cheema

Have you specified a proper calling search for the call forward destination? What happens when no extension answers does it start hunting again?


Hi Terry.

I think I have set the calling search space. On the Hunt pilot, I've tried both of the following settings:


Because I am trying to get the calls to divert to the voicemail of the person that the call is hunted to, I thought that I should use the settings in the first screenshot - "Use Forward Settings of the Line Group Member". The forward settings on the user are below:

On the Line Group, I set it to stop hunting after the first user:


If I use the Hunt Pilot settings on the first screenshot above, then the call seems to just hang up if the line group user doesn't answer. If I use the settings on the second screenshot, then the call successfully gets to Unity, but it isn't connected to the line group users voicemail like we'd like it to.


Ok - Use the second setting by setting the call fwd no answer extension to 8900 under hunt pilot. This should take your call to Unity Connection Opening greeting instead of user's mailbox since the redirecting number is hunt pilot.

To fix that: Go to Unity Connection, Find the user with extension 8900>Go to Edit>Alternate Extensions and add the hunt pilot number as alternate extension and try again, it should now take you to the voice mail of the user 8900.

Let me know how you go.


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Hi Terry ,

I have a similar situation - and i was trying out the solution recommended by you .

It seems when i try to add the Hunt pilots extension as an alternate extension to the Line Group members extension , it gives me an error saying - "A User with the specified extension already exists in the Partition."

Can you advise me what is the problem here ?

Thanks ,

Rahul Nair.

I have the same problem, I would appreciate if you can help me



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