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Walkthrough Wednesdays

I've got some big news to share...

"I've got some big news to share..." is how a lot of my conversations have started over the past few months. You see, my wife and I are expecting our first child, a girl, in early November. As I look back at all the great conversations I've had with family and friends about this exciting news, I'm amazed at the number of different ways these "conversations" have taken place.

I've told plenty of people in person, my favorite way to share big news. But none of my immediate family live here in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, so I've had many conversations over the home phone, mobile phone, and yes, my desk phone at work (hopefully Cisco won't mind!). It seems like just about everyone has a favorite way they like to discuss baby news. Here's some of the different communications methods I've recently used to talk about our little baby girl:

Google Chat instant messaging

IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging

Facebook messages

exchanging voice messages

Text message on my mobile phone

Google email

Yahoo email

I broke the news to my coworkers in a staff meeting. Let's just say that in true Cisco fashion, it involved PowerPoint, a conference room, a phone, and Cisco WebEx. That was a combination live conversation, speakerphone conversation, and web conference! I know, I'm living the dream...

Its been an incredible blend of personal and business communications devices and methods - and I don't think I even scratched the surface!  I didn't "tweet" about anything over Twitter, I didn't use a video chat or video conference, I didn't send a single email using Outlook or Entourage (you see, Cisco, I'm trying not to do too much baby communications at work!).

And now I'm breaking the news to you using our very own Cisco Community.

But the point is about the proliferation of devices and methods to communicate. We all get to choose how we best want to communicate and share with each other. I think this is where Unified Communications can make such a huge difference in our lives. When we're able to link our phones, email, instant messaging, voicemail, web clients into a single communications network, it doesn't matter what device we use...all that matters is the people having the conversation.

What's your Unified Communications story? Ever feel like our modern communications create too much extra work for you? Or better yet, have you unified your communications so that sharing good news with many people is quite simple?

Let's hear it!

Mark Gervase

UC Solutions Marketing

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