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IM&P User Assignment

Does anyone know exactly how IM&P users are assigned by CallManager across an HA pair?  I have a client who has an HA pair and suddenly new users are being added to the Secondary.  There is still capacity on the primary, so I am not sure exactly why this is happening.  As the secondary is intended for failover I'd like to avoid any potential over subscription due to users being assigned to the secondary.

Thanks in advance.



This is determined by the

This is determined by the User Assignment Mode parameter on the Sync Agent on IM and Presence Service. Take a look at the following.

User Assignment Mode Recommendations

You can manually or automatically assign users in an IM and Presence Service deployment. Use the User Assignment Mode parameter on the Sync Agent to manage user assignment on IM and Presence Service:

  • If set to Balanced, IM and Presence Service divides all users equally across all nodes in all subclusters. Use this user assignment mode for the Balanced Mode Non-Redundant High Availability and the Balanced Mode Redundant High Availability deployment options.

  • If set to Active/Standby, IM and Presence Service assigns all users only to the first node of a subcluster. If there is only a single node in the subcluster, IM and Presence Service uses this node for assignment regardless of the location of the node within the subcluster.

  • If set to None, you must manually assign your users to nodes in system topology management GUI.

  • If all the hardware in your cluster is of the same generation and has the same capacity, set the User Assignment Mode to Balanced.
  • If you have hardware of mixed generations and capacities in a node, set the User Assignment Mode to None. Manually assign your users making sure that each server is not loaded beyond capacity.


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