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Steve Ballantyne

Informacast 8.3.0 and CUCM 8.6.2 - Cannot live page 6941 devices

Hello all,

I have setup some 7945G, 7965G and 6941 handsets around a particular area.  I have them all configured in Informacast in a recipient group (they all show up in the group when I click view) and the configuration on CUCM all seems good.

When I do a live audio page, it's working fine with my 7945G and 7965G phones - but the 6941 does not light up or send audio.

I have spent many hours comparing values side by side, and changing little properties one at a time while resetting the phone and clicking the update button for the recipient list in Informacast.  But I cannot seem to find what is broken.  It doesn't seem to be related to the device pool, subscribe group, or multicast packets on the switch ... ?  What else could it be?

Any insight or clues would be greatly appreciated.


-Steve Ballantyne

Steve Ballantyne

The techs at InformaCast have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction on this issue.  In the logs files on the InformaCast side it's reporting that it cannot make a connection to the phone.  The connection it's trying to make is HTTP.

So what I have found is that even though Web Access is set to enabled on all of my 6941 devices, I cannot access any of them through HTTP (my 7945 and 7965 phones work fine).

Anyone know if this is a firmware or a Call Manager issue with the 6941 devices?  I am running version 9-3-3-2-SR1.

I may have answered my own question with this thread:

It looks like I may be missing a feature on this phone which is not going to work until both the firmware is updated - as well as the device pack that supports that firmware and my particular version of Call Manager!  Yikes.

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