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George Thomas

Informacast 8.3 with CUCM 9.1


I am trying to install Informacast 8.3 for a customer with CUCM 9.1. First I dont see any documentation, for it and a call to Singlewire was of no luck since they said "InformaCast v8.3 is only available with CUCM v9.1 and supported directly by Cisco as part of that Call Manager package.". A call to Cisco TAC said they dont have any information for Informacast and call Singlewire. Any idea where to get install guides or OVA templates and who do I call for support? And no, the ISO that is downloaded from as part of CallManager is not bootable. 

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George Thomas

Found it, the ISO that can be downloaded will have to be extracted and the OVA file in it used. The ISO file is supposed to be burnt to disc.

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Hi George,

can I ask you where you found the ISO file of CUCM 9.1? Because I still don't see it under my CCO login.

Maybe I miss something.



Is he saying he found "it" or does he mean he found the information about it?

According the Singlewire,...

If you register with Singlewire you should get access to all documentation you need via their portal.


Sorry I wasnt clear coz I was a little irritated. I have a informacast 8.3 ISO that Cisco gave me when I put an order through PUT. Its not available on CCO yet. The ISO file that is available through PUT is not what you use for the install. You will have to extract the ISO (since that is supposed to be burnt to a DVD) and the files are obtained from within. I wish there was a readme somewhere that stated "oh btw since we dont do things consistently, the ISO file canot be used like other VTG products. It will have to be unzipped and the install guides that are not available on CCO or singlewire's website can be found safely within."

Chris: Informacast 8.3 is not available from Singlewire's website, its only available from Cisco and the free basic version is supported directly by Cisco. This was told to me Sunglewire as stated in the original post.

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A bit of clarification:

* InformaCast 8.3 is the version of InformaCast that includes both basic paging and advanced notification modes.

* InformaCast 8.3 is currently only available through the CUCM 9.1 media kit (order through your Cisco channels)

* InformaCast 8.3 will soon be available for download from CCO.  InformaCast 8.3 was briefly posted early by mistake to CCO for download.  It will be back soon.  Documentation will be posted publicly to CCO at the same time.

* If you want InformaCast 8.3 specifically, you will need to obtain it through one of the above channels.

* The only difference between InformaCast 8.2 and 8.3 is the addition of basic paging mode.  Customers who order directly from Singlewire will receive InformaCast 8.2.  InformaCast 8.2 is what is available to customers from

Our next release of InformaCast will harmonize what is available from and what is available from CCO: both downloads will be the same.

@George, if you can please direct message me your TAC SR case number, I'd like to follow up with the engineer.

Thank you! PMed the SR:. Since I already installed 8.3, is that the final build or will I have to redo it. If I were to download 8.2 from Singlewire, it requires a license. Is there a license that 9.1 customers could use to enable the "free" solution since it asks me for a license to proceed.

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Re: 8.3 CCO build: what you received from CCO is the final build for 8.3.  All we'll be changing is how it's packaged (e.g. OVA instead of OVA inside of ISO).  So, don't worry, any work you do with the copy of 8.3 you have now will carry forward, no work lost or need to be redone or anything like that.

Re: 8.2 on CUCM 9.1: you certainly can install 8.2 on CUCM 9.1.  8.2 doesn't support basic paging, so if basic paging is only what you want, you'll need to use a copy of 8.3 from the CUCM 9.1 media kit.  8.3 has a free license for basic paging embedded in it, as well as a 60 day trial license for advanced notification. 

If you're on 8.2 and are interested in seeing more about what Advanced Notification mode can offer, we're happy to set you up with a demo license.  Contact

@George, as for using the ISO file as a mode for distribution, our intention when InformaCast posts to CCO "for real" is to post the OVA file directly.  The goal is for you to be able to download the OVA directly and install it without requiring a DVD burn or an ISO mount utility.  The ISO was created for manufacturing, and was posted accidentally.  Sorry about the confusion.

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