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InformaCast Basic Paging - Edit Live Audio Broadcast

Does anyone know of a way, TAC supported or hack, to remove the "Welcome to the singlewire informacast system" greeting message users hear before they initiate a live audio broadcast?

The "Edit" button for that message is unavailable. I figure that's just a wave file somewhere. If it could be replaced by anything else that'd be nice as users don't like sitting through that message every time they page.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

I dont have a system to look at now, but there is a setting (checkbox) to disable it, just poke around and you will find it.


I'm not seeing it. I'm sure you can do this in InformaCast Advance Paging, but I'm just not seeing many options in Basic Paging.


Hello!  We've heard that same feedback from other customers as well.  In our next release of basic paging (8.4), this behavior will change.  We will either provide a way to change it through the GUI or remove the prompt. 

In advanced notification, we expose a GUI for customers to make this change.

You may ask: why not just expose the GUI and be done with it?  (I would if I were you)  The answer is that there are interconnections between different parts of InformaCast that aren't always visible.  In BP mode, we limit what's available.  One of those limits was the prompt customization screen due to some of the interconnections between that screen and other parts of InformaCast.

We expect that 8.4 will be available through Cisco later this year.  8.4 will be available through before then.  If you PM me your contact info, I'll touch base with you when we release.

Sorry for your inconvenience!

Have this same request from a new customer... Using 8.3.0 Advanced, but I don't see the Basic Paging Live Broadcast audio greeting in the Voice Menu anywhere. Could you please point me in the right direction?

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Go to Admin --> Voice Menus --> Inbound Call Voice Menu and change the "Call Answered Greeting Audio" --> "Enable Greeting" to unchecked.



Perfect - Thanks Chris!

Hi Chris,
Very Helpful
Thank you
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