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Informacast - Multicast configuration

Luciano Vigano'

Hi all,

anyone has try the Informacast paging software?

Any suggestions about multicast configurations?

All switches are 3750X + 6509 (in VSS).

Thanks in advance,



Accepted Solutions

The parts are:

Paging GW HW Applicance: IPTA-PG-APL, which is $799 (list) and needs to be at every remote site requiring paging.  You must also order a shipping SKU:  IPTA-SH, which is $20 per unit.

Then you need quantity one IPTA-PI-PG which is $995, which integrates all the PGs with Informacast, which you buy licenses for separately (IPTA-ICxxx).

Speak to your Singlewire and Cisco reps about the Singlewire offer coming in 9.1 if its a new opportunity.  You can get a kick start with some free IC licesnes right out of the box.


Cisco is announcing this week that InformaCast will be shipping with every new copy of CUCM 9.1. Basic Paging functionality for up to 50 phones is included with every system at no charge. Even better, a full copy of InformaCast Advanced Notification functionality can be easily unlocked and turned on with a subscription-based license key.

Check out the distinction between Basic and Advanced here:

We have also put together a short informational video to further explain the details of this announcement >> Watch the InformaCast Announcement Video.

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On the LAN its not an issue, but over the WAN, unless you have GRE tunnels from the SP, you way want to use their Paging GW product:

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Any LAN multicast configuration will do, i.e. spare-dense mode, etc. I believe the IC install document covers this well.

For WAN as Steven described well (+5 points) if the WAN connection is MPLS most MPLS providers do not support multicast which leaves you with options to either deploy GRE tunnels or get the paging GW, if your provider supports multicast or this is point-to-point WAN, etc you will be OK there.



Singlewire has a troubleshooting app which you can put on your Informacast server to generate multicast traffic.  It's easier than creating a whole bunch of scheduled broadcasts.  Also, their tech support spoke about a multicast to unicast converter for WAN traversals, but I don't recall if it was a hardware solution or software but would have to reside on each end of each WAN link.  Might be worth asking about.  It could be that is the Paging GW that Steven mentioned.